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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Hee! I couldn't resist!
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Yeah, I'm home sick today, so blame the cold medication!

Supernatural set, Monday morning. First break of the day, and Jensen is standing at craft services, nursing his coffee and looking over the selection of doughnuts

Jensen: Hmm...let's see...jelly filled or bear claw?

Jared:(running up, out of breath) Dude! I've been looking all over for you!

Jensen: Well, good morning to you too, sunshine. Some of us didn't get a late call to set due to handing out surfboards. Some of us have been working since 6AM.

Jared: Oh, but it was so worth it! I got us the best thing *ever* (tugs on Jensen's arm) Come on...you have to see it. You're gonna flip the fuck out!

Jensen: (groans) It's not Guitar Hero 4, is it? Because I told you, dude, I suck at that game....

Jared: Oh hell no! This is so much cooler than Guitar Hero it isn't funny. It's off the hook! As soon as I saw it, I was all, 'Yes...goodbye boredom between scenes, hello awesomeness!' It's so cool that once everyone finds out I have it, I'm probably gonna have to make my trailer VIP admission only. (pulls Jensen away from the table) Come on! I wanna get in one game before everyone stars banging on my trailer door asking if they can play too!

Jensen: (grabs a bear claw and allows himself to be pulled away by the arm) All right, all right! So it's *that* cool, huh?

Jared: Oh yeah. I had to fight off like 15 High School Musical kids to get it. Must be all the dancing, cause that Zac Efron dude is pretty spry. He was no match for the Ginormatron though! I tried to call you as soon as I snagged it, but your phone must have been off. Sandy said if I didn't stop talking about it she was gonna call off the engagement, but I think she was just bluffing. I mean, she even set it out for me before I left. She must have thought I'd forget it and she'd better put it where it'd be the last thing I saw as I left, because it was out at the end of the driveway on top of the trashcans. Pfft! Like I'd forget something this awesome!

The boys arrive at trailer. Jared's practically vibrating with excitement as he opens the door.

Jared: OK, dude, sit down at the table there, and I'll go get it!

Jensen sits, munching on his doughnut and sipping his coffee

Jensen: Dude, this better be worth it. I'm missing some quality nap time here!

Jared comes out of the back room, proudly carrying the box. He sets it down in front of Jensen, bouncing happily

Jared: Dude, check it out! Isn't it the shit?

Jensen quirks an eyebrow

Jensen: That's....Operation.

Jared:(excitedly) No, it's Operation Rescue Kit!

Jensen: (dryly) It's for five year old kids.

Jared: (pointing to the side of the box,exasperated) And up!

Jensen: (getting up) Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass. Naps and all. Catch ya later, Jared.

Jared:(calling out the open door after Jensen, complete Cartman mode) That's fine, that's fine! I didn't want to play with you anyway! I'll just stay here and play with myself! (stomps back inside, slamming door, ignoring all the crew members standing around watching)

Production Assistant:(walking up): Where's Jared? They need him in makeup.

Crew Member: (nodding toward Jared's trailer, from which the sounds of buzzing and Jared yelping "Ouch! Dammit!" are emitting) He's in there. Better knock first though--he just yelled something about how he was gonna be jerking off.

Hee! Like I said, blame the Dayquil!