ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

*smacks forehead*

Had to separate this out from the last post due to spoilers(not that it matters--do any of you even read this thing anymore?), but glendaglamazon has a hi-larious story about Jared Padalecki here. You have to read it!

I echo her thoughts--who in the holy frack thought it was a good idea to give Jared a hot glue gun? Forget about Sam's hair--one misfire and we'll be lucky if Sam has *eyebrows* this season! LOL! Also, I know Jared told Jensen they would only work together to prank others, but I have a feeling Jensen's gonna end up with some fallout from Jared's glue gun fun....

But the visual of Jared chasing people down with his new toy? *wipes tears* Priceless. Man, Jared must come to Chicago...I'll buy him a whole big box of glue sticks to bribe him, if that's what it takes!

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