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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
If anyone (include me!) is still deciding about going to see Jensen in A Few Good Men, we'd better hurry! The theater says tickets are selling out fast!

In fact, all the Level 1 tickets for Saturday night are sold out. *sob*

I waited too long--now level 2, far away from the stage are all that's left!

Dammit! Why did I wait so long? I should have just bought them this afternoon and if I didn't go I was only out $120 bucks!

ETA: There are still a few lower level seats for Saturday afternoon left, but darn it--I wanted to go at night!

ETA Again: There are still single lower level tickets left....guess if I book that, whoever I go with and I will have to sit apart!

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You do realize that the front section is only 8 rows, right? Then there's the pit in the center section, but that's only three rows. So, the front of the second section still winds up being like, the 11th to 14th rows.

Yeah, but these are waaayyy off to the left of the stage and to the end, so I can't think you'd really be seeing anything other than a slice of the stage.

I mean, to jump from $56 to $27 bucks? Tells me the seats can't be that great in the cheap section.

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