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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Thursday Night TV
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Last night accomplished the impossible-- me cheering for Clark? Booing Lex? Wha?

OK, I think this is the first time not watching Season 5 has caused me problems, because the only Chloe's Mom story I remember is the one she told about her Mom walking out of them when she was 5 and Chloe knows where she is but her mom doesn't want to see her, and now we've got this episode talking about how her mom was around back when Chloe was 8 and she's been comatose(which is it? She couldn't see Chloe because she was comatose, or she didn't want to see her? It can't be both.)I seem to remember reading that there was some ep last season, where Chloe found out her mom was mental and thought she'd be mental too, so I guess they fanwanked that whole story about Dad burning the pancakes away. Which kinda sucked, because given the context of the whole Chloe/Clark scenes when she was telling him that story, I'd hate to think she was lying.

But, anyway I liked the ep overall. The Lana stuff was just weird and like I was watching another show, so I'm glad it didn't take up too much time.

I actually liked Clark this episode, but I usually do when he's working with Chloe. I was cracking up when he said, "No offense, Chloe, but I think Lex can get his own AAA." Just the way TW read that line, it had me cracking up all episode for some reason.

And I have to say...and I never thought I'd say this...but how hot was Clark when Chloe was all, "I'm in Lex's crosshairs" and Clark was all take charge with the quick, "And now he's in mine." Grrr...that was kinda hot! I love how he's all instantly willing to take Lex down to protect Chloe--that threatening her is the same as threatening him directly. Go Clark! Please not try to turn into an asshat next week, m'kay?

And Lex...well, last night was the first time I was ever scared of Lex. When he threatened Chloe's mom after Lana got hurt, and when he was threatening Chloe...scary! Good job there, MR. Of course, it made it hard not to boo Lex. I mean, one, you're threatening Chloe, which I'm never down with. Two, it's hard to be sympathetic when we've just saw him being the puppetmaster of all this stuff that went down with Chloe's mom. So it was odd, cause usually when Lex does something that others would say is "evil" it's because he's been backed into a corner and you feel sorry for him. This time? Not so much. Which has to happen, I guess--I mean, I don't know if Woobie!Lex would really be much of a supervillan, because he'd have everyone on his side! LOL!

Then we get to Supernatural. I wasn't uber looking forward to this ep (except as the end of a too long hiatus) because it felt like a tossaway between what just happened in Heart and what I figure is coming up....but I loved it.

OK, gotta start at the end first. Where are the hi-res caps of Dean, with his JBF hair and his post-coital look of contentment? Because if that wasn't the most adorable and hottest thing ever...*thud*

Yeah, I really didn't need to see that when we're like t-minus 23 days to meeting Jensen, cause now I'll be imagining that and will really pass out!

But I just love me some geeky Dean, so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself loving an ep I was just sort of "meh" toward going in (in comparison how I'm anticipating other upcoming eps, like 2.20.)The whole thing was just filled with so many shout-outs that it was a ton of fun.

But really, the whole episode was Dean. You know Dean's badass, you know he's cool...but an adorable geek too? I just can't get over how I adored Dean in this episode. And I adore him in every ep, but this one...it was just off the charts. I loved how he was all into his PA job, being part of the team, geeking out...it was just perfect. And I'll agree with the TWoP poster who thought maybe Dean was amping up his behavior because it made Sammy focus on not just the job, but him as well...in other words, he's thinking about the job *and* thinking, "Jesus, what the hell is Dean gotten into now" which means he's *not* thinking about Madison at all. Kudos Dean...that was a sly trick.

But I'm definitely going home and watching this one again, because I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing the boys in a different environment, so completely at odds with what they usually find themselves in.

Plus, I still want to squee at how adorable Dean was. When he was acting(cause it was definitely an act) all awkward and dorky going up to the actress, I was thinking, "Yeah, that's pretty much gonna be me." LOL!

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MR's Lex made my slap hand itchy all night with his evilness, so that was a good performance on his part.

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