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Well, I got tired of waiting, decided I wanted to take some control back, so I beat my webhost to the punch (if you can call something they were supposed to do a week ago beating someone to the punch) and deleted my Texas-Trio website.

I A little sad, as I feel like I wasted money on trips and camera equipment, and sad that I don't have an excuse to visit Austin anymore(although glad I won't be getting glared at in the stands from the deck anymore), but I feel free. No more feeling like a loser because I was the red-headed stepchild of swimming websites!

I've learned my lesson--when a website is dead(as this one was when I took it over) it probably needs to stay dead. There was a reason the original webmaster lost interest, and I should have heeded that but I didn't. I know better now. There's a cryptic message in there, but I'm out of the fandom now, so there's no need to elaborate.

I'll (probably) still watch swimming at the Olympics and cheer for Ian, Aaron, and Brendan during the Games....but the rest of the time I'll stick to Jensen and Jared!

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