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The latest ripple in SV fandom is starting to make me cranky.

It's starting to feel like people with *legit* reasons for disliking the actions of certain characters are getting lumped in with people who just hate on characters in general.

And that irks me. I have legitimate reasons for thinking Clark is acting like an ass right now. Doesn't mean I hate the character--I just hate the way he's acting right now.

Seems like every which way ya turn, you're wrong. If you are upset with Clark, you're wrong. If you side with Lex, you're wrong. If you side with Clark, you're wrong. If you side with Chloe, you're wrong. If you side with Lex's pool table, you're wrong, and so on and so on.

Ugh, it's irking me. So Clark's in the doghouse with me. So what? He'll be in the doghouse for now, and maybe in a couple weeks, it'll be Lionel's turn in the doghouse. And then Bo's turn, then Martha's turn, etc, etc. Every single character on this show has been in my doghouse at one point or another, including Lex. But it just seems like all of a sudden, if Clark's in your doghouse, you're a hater. And it's irking me, because that's not the case at all.

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