ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Whaddya mean I'm not supposed to shop for me?

I start out with the best of intentions....intentions of buying presents for other people. So why is it that 3/4 of the things in my bag are for me at the end of the day?

Of course, now I'm feeling *majorly* guilty about it.

I went out only to buy Smallville Season 4 on DVD. Yes, I know...I *hate* that season. I bought it for the Ackles, and I *wouldn't* have bought it if it hadn't been on sale for $14.99. I figure at that price, I can fast forward through all of Lois, and the dumber "Lana the French Witch" parts and get straight to the hotness of Jensen.

Then I bought Cheaper by the Dozen on DVD because it was only $4.99 and I wanted to squee at Jared being in a scene with someone he doesn't have to look *down* at when delivering his lines ( much. He's still taller than Welling.)

Right before I left, I had intentions of buying Kelly an MP3 player after her iPod mini got stolen. Mainly because she's always borrowing mine. I figured it would have to be an iPod because she's not as computer savvy, and iPods really are the easiest in terms of use--I mean, you just plug it in and it updates. But I looked at my Mini and realized, "Damn...I've almost outgrown Bevo!" is nearly full, and I hate to delete any songs because yeah...I listen to them all. So I figured I could either buy Kelly a new Nano, me a new iPod, and do nothing with my Mini because they're not probably worth more than $20 on Ebay...or I could buy myself a new iPod for $249, give Kelly my old Mini (and hey, it comes with over $600 of free songs...that's a deal!) and use the $200 I would have spent on an MP3 player on other things for her.

So, that's what I did. I bought myself a 30GB black iPod w/video, and I'm gonna give Kelly (not for Christmas--as soon as she gets back) my old Mini. It seemed like the most practical way to do things. Plus I got a new iPod.

I did buy one of her gifts though--she wants this Dirt Devil Kone thing, so I got her one in blue.

But....I feel guilty because I need to be saving money for my move, and I shouldn't be splurging on iPods or wanting to splurge on Sidekick IIIs.

I'm trying to save $1000 out of the $2500 I got from my grandma's insurance(I think it was from that--hopefully the farm sells soon!) to move on. And I've already spent $1000 of it between paying off some bills (and I still have more to go to get the utilities caught up) and paying back Kelly the money I owed her for getting my car fixed.

So I'm not opening my new iPod just yet, in case Kelly's all, "Hell to the no! I bought you that for Christmas 2 years ago!" and doesn't want it. In which case, I'll take the new one back.

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