ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Another blah Monday....

So far, this day is just "meh"...I think I'm getting sick. Anthony was sick yesterday, and now I feel a fever coming on over the past couple hours. And I've had a headache since Saturday that I just can't shake. I thought it was a sinus headache, but it's really only on one side, not both (but it's not a migrane, because it's not that bad.)

My back is also killing me--I must have slept on it wrong. I fell asleep all curled up and ended up having some JPad dreams(none of which I can remember in detail outside of the puppy dog eyes, dammit!)so I guess my back didn't approve.

So I'm a mess this morning. Obviously the only thing that can possibly cure me is to be subjected to a endless parade of hot Jensen/Dean pics. So that's ya'lls mission today--scorching hot Jensen pics! :D

*yawn* This time change needs to happen pronto! I slept all weekend, and it still wasn't enough!

Also, it's cold and was snowing here this morning. *bleh*

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