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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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A jam packed day!
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
All kinds of stuff to associate with today!

First...Happy Dean Day! Yup, a brand spanking new Supernatural tonight, and if you haven't taken a moment to celebrate the hottness that is Jensen or Dean, click here and bask in (and gasp at!) the pretty.

Also, new spoiler filled interview up with Eric Kripke here. And he says (re: ratings):

For the show to be the six-/seven-year player that I want it to be, we need to do better. We need to say to the fans and to the converted, "Spread the word." People catch on by word-of-mouth, so the best thing I could ask from the fans, as a personal favor to me, is to tell people about it.

So...I'm spreading the word. I mean, it's a favor from one Ohioian to another! LOL!

And, if you're thinking about watching Grey's Anatomy, Kripke says:
They can always TiVo Grey's Anatomy. All they are going to do on that show is have sex in a hospital.

And don't feel like you can watch CSI either:
What do you want? Forensic fingernails, sex in a hospital, or good ol' red-blooded, classic-rock demon fighting?

Ha! Maybe if CW pimped the show as that, instead of this stupid, "Free to be..." thing, more people would watch?

And, finally....on an unrelated note, today is my heart-iversary. Yeah, two years ago right now, I was lying on a table cracked open, and kinda dead I guess if you consider that a machine was doing all the work for my heart and lungs! Creepy! Now there's a Supernatural episode!

And, I'm going out to find Sims Pets tonite. Hopefully Best Buy will have it. I've spent entirely too much at Best Buy lately. It's a problem.

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ZOMG! I want Sims Pets so much and I totally can't afford it! *cries* I want kitties!!

I know! I'm interested in seeing how it compares to Unleashed, which was my favorite expansion pack from Sims 1.

I have to come up with a badass dog for my Winchester House....but I think I'll stick them with a fat, waddling bulldog. Sammy Sim will enjoy that, I think.

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