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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Smallville, with a side of Supernatural...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I just started watching the Supernatural ep from last nite, but let me just say:

Jensen + PJs=HOTTIE!!

I did watch Smallville this morning...

First, let me just point out Smallville's #1 weakness to me:

The inability to make a season long arc into a season long arc.

I mean, Buffy was a master of this, which is why I loved it so. Even in the throwaway eps, there was still some important info given that if you missed the ep, you might not know what was happening next week.

Smallville? Not so much. Folks, I didn't watch *any* of last season, except for 30 minutes of the finale (hell, I haven't seen a whole episode since the Slutty Witches one in season 4), and I *still* knew exactly what was going on in this episode, just as much as those of ya'll who watched every minute last season. Which I guess doesn't say much for character growth. It occured to me that I could probably watch about 5-6 episodes a season (the premiere, one ep during the sweeps periods, and the finale) and have the entire season's plotline in hand. Which sucks really, because they have this amazing mythology and could *easily* support storyarcs that make every week must viewing.

But, anyway....

I still thought this episode was pretty good. Not brilliant, only because I know it'll probably be right back to the FOTW eps next week, but for a premiere it had what you needed. It wrapped up the storyline from the finale, it had good action and good special effect.

I wish AlMiles would see how the show just *grinds* to a halt when Lois is awake. I mean, when she was lying outside the plane, I can't believe I was the only one saying, "Please be dead." That tells you something, when the majority of people would rather see a character who isn't evil dead. The hospital scene was just painful and irritating. Maybe someone more motivated could take an ep, cut out all the Lois parts, and see if it's more enjoyable. I bet it will be, and it'll still make sense too!

I thought the whole "Give me an heir" thing was stupid, but at least they didn't come up with some reason that elevated Lana into some super important place in the mytharc. She was just there, she has a uterus, so she'll do. Although, again, the thing was stupid but I guess they needed a reason for Zod not to have killed Lana immediately.

I did think KK did a good job this episode--the whole getting stabbed in the hand thing was nicely done, although I thought she was going to get impaled more seriously. Still, she played it well, and when she went to the Kent farm, I actually believed her when she was selling Martha on why she should be allowed to kill LexZod.

I thought Lex was a little *too* desperately pleading when he was in the hospital--it was kinda wimpy. Like the idea of Lex fixing everything is Lex-like, but his throwing himself on the sword in front of Lana there really wasn't. Lex has never struck me as someone who shows his guilt--he accepts responsibility and does what he can do to make things right, but he's never been all, "OMG this is my fault! OMG I hope people can forgive me! Waaaaaaaa!" He would just go and start doing what needed to be done. I like my Lex a little more take-control, a little less unsure of himself.

Also, Lana is going to need surgery on that hand, people! And about a million and one tetnus shots. There's no way a simple gauze around the hand is curing that. There are bones broken, probably nerves and blood vessels that need reconstructed, etc. Is Lana gonna be the new T-Bag, shuffling around with a pus filled gangrene hand? Bwhahaha! I'd watch that!

The Zod/Clark fight was kinda OK--special effects were good, but it was more of the same--throwing people 30 feet. However, I did like Clark getting punched into the rock by LexZod. That felt good! Since they tipped to the fact that Zod was aware of Lex's feelings when he absorbed him, I'd like to think his severe ass whipping of Clark was partly fueled by some hidden desire of Lex's to kick Clark into next week. I also didn't think Clark was so heroic in defeating LexZod that he needed this Superman theme music. It wasn't like it was some huge long fought battle or anything. It took about 5 minutes, and Clark barely put up a fight.

Speaking of hidden desires, can I just say the GAYLE for this week has to be when Clark was flying with LexZod underneath him while they stared at each other? LOL! The scene that launched a thousand manips!

And finally--Clark, Chloe, I want to smack ya both! Damn those two! They're both so afraid of being rejected by the other one that they can't just admit they want to be more than friends, and it's damn frustrating! They get so close, and then one shuts down and the other one follows suit. Although Jimmy and Chloe are cute (and nice of them to remember that Chloe and Jimmy had a fling a while back--I was shocked they remembered!) I still want to see some real Chloe/Clark lovin' before the show ends.

Overall, it was OK. I'll check out next week just to see what happens.

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(Deleted comment)
One and two will totally happen, of course. Although, I'm sort of hoping we're going to get a mature Clark this season....*hopes*.

I do call bullshit on Lana telling Lex, "You weren't yourself" since she never bought that excuse from Clark when he was apologizing for being wacked out on Red K or whatnot.

But, like I said...SV not so good with the season long arc, so I don't expect any of this to get addressed again...ever! LOL!

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