ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Since ya'll are smart...

It has come to my attention that I need to get a new computer. Mainly because my old computer is pissing me off something fierce, what with this constant "Hey, I'm just gonna shut down now" mentality. When it did it twice this morning while I was trying to burn a music CD, I knew we had to break up for good. Well...I mean, I still intend to keep him around as a data storage unit, but he doesn't know that.

So, any thoughts, suggestions, reccomendations? I don't know how much of a budget I have to spend just yet--I'm actually supposed to be getting some moolah soon, and it will depend on how much I get before I can make a definite decision as to if I should just buy new or try to get the old one fixed.

Also, TV tuner cards--how do those things work? Because it's not worth it I guess if I'm only going to be able to pick up the two or three channels you can get over broadcast airwaves. It'd be nice if I could hook it into my digital cable box--see, right now if I want to make a video, I have to burn it to a DVD and then rip the DVD (although right now I can't do that even, what with my computer dying.)

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