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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
You know that feeling when you've got water in your ears, or when you're on an airplane and you've got all that pressure in your ears? That's what I'm feeling like right now, except no amount of gum chewing or swallowing is making it go away. Wonder if I should be concerned?

I would like to know why my co-workers feel the need to turn the speakers on the radio system down so low that nobody can hear it? We have Sirius radio in the office, and they have it on good classic rock stations...I'd rather hear Steve Miller Band over my coworkers burping, hiccuping, etc.

I'm so tired, despite the fact that I believe I fell asleep sometime in the middle of The Apprentice (although I woke up around midnight to take my contacts out.) I believe tonite I will go home and immediately go to bed, waking up only to watch Scrubs (although I'm TiVoing it, just in case.)

Speaking of TV, I must have had roughly 352 heart attacks while watching Prison Break last nite...

EEEEEE!!!! First, the heart attacks while strapping Linc into the chair. Then the heart attacks while Michael was oh so casually strolling around while the guards were coming back to check beds. The the major heart attack when that guard was backing up thisclose to Michael. Then another heart attack when Michael was getting burned--dude, I was screaming, literally. Then the heart attack when Sucre ripped the shirt off, followed by another one when it showed the tattoo is ruined.

Yikes! That's a lot of tension!

I don't think I care about the dad storyline, so I'm kinda blah on that. And while Veronica continues to be less annoying, she also continues to display classic Veroni-Duh! moments. Such as, when they exhumed the VP's bro's body and examined it. The M.E. is all, "The teeth match, but if you want to bring in your own forensic specialist, you're free to do so but they'll tell you the same thing." And Veroni-Duh and Nick just meekly nod and are all, "OK...we won't." Umm, what? In case you haven't noticed, you're dealing with a conspiracy here, people! At the highest level of government! Hell yes bring in your own specialists and stand there while they do the work! Don't trust an M.E. who works for the county government! The VP bought off the governor...buying off a lowly M.E. is pocket change! Sheesh, Veronica and Nick need to take a "Conspiracy for Dummies" class, or at the very least rent any season of the freakin' X-Files! Fox Mulder could teach these young whippersnaps a thing or two about government conspiracy.

But, it was all made better by Michael Scofield sporting some stubble. We really need HD screencaps of that. Desperately.

And finally, these Zone Perfect bars? Are yucky. I'm about to give a big "Sod Off" to this increased protein diet, because I think it's contributing to my feeling generally ill over the past few days.

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The stubble was nice. I wonder what brought that on--was it his razor that was used to get that pill out of his arm? I thought the guy who worked in the "whack shack" seemed crazy also. I kept freaking out while Michael was poking around over there. I think all the people watching last night were screaming at the same time at the same parts!

This show is going to kill me, but I love it so...

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