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So even though I definitely can't afford it, I have a doctor's appointment today to hopefully give me something so that I can take a breath without ending into a 10 minute coughing fit.

This is after I wait for the guy from the furniture store to show up, because the brand new endtables Kelly just bought are cracking and we're not happy about it.

Then, I might stop at the Giant Eagle, which has big huge magazine section and see if they have the Wizard magazine that has the Smallville interviews in it, since I don't want to venture into the comic shop and get the, "You actually watch Smallville?" looks from the guys who work there.

Then, I will probably come home and cough some more. Ugh.

In other Robitussin ramblings, I'm upset because the resume I sent in two weeks ago to a place I really wanted to work--as in, I've been trying to get in there for three years now and they've never had positions open until now--has been ignored. Unless they are taking an insanely long time to go through the resumes. I'm getting really tired of sending out resumes and not so much as getting a Fuck You from the people I'm sending them to. And it's got me stressed and worried(thus, I'm still only getting a couple hours of sleep each night) because by my estimate, my unemployment is going to run out either this month or next, and then what in the hell am I gonna do? I believe I'm going to be worrying myself right into an ulcer any day now.

And finally, a day later...I *still* think Clark needed to apologize. If he can say, "Are you trying to frame my dad?" out loud to Lex, then he certainly can say, "I'm sorry for accusing you, Lex" out loud too!

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