ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Well, I left the house and was at the mall at 9:30, and I've finished my Christmas shopping. Having no money really makes it go fast, let me tell ya! I thought I was doing OK budget-wise until I got to Target, where I spent too much money on gifts.

But, this is what I ended up getting people:

A pair of sterling silver earrings and a necklace to match. They have these seafoam green mother of pearl looking stones in the pendant/earrings.

A car kit w/a digital tire gauge, flash light, and multi-tool kit

A scrapbook making software program for her computer

A baby scrapbook to use to make stuff with the above gift

A kit thing that has a little baby photo album, a little set of boxes to keep his hair from his first haircut and first tooth loss, a growth chart, and a baby footprint/handprint thing in it. That's from Anthony.

A day planner

A Scottie calendar

A nail gun (I know, but she asked for it--same with the car kit)

Various stocking stuffers--some vanilla coffee pods for her Senseo, a new oversized coffee mug, some Yankee candle votives in scents she likes (some rain one and some other one that smells fresh), some little sangria scented lotion/bath gel, and some candy (some Dove chocolates, a dark chocolate bar w/expresso beans crushed on it, and some Roche peppermint chocolate candies.

Wow...doesn't seem like much now that I write it all out.

A squashy bead filled pillow that looks like a pug dog (she loves pugs--we used to have one for about 15 years.)

A pug shaped French milled soap from Bath & Body Works (I got Kelly the Scottie one last year.)

Two silk scarves

A winter white V-neck sweater with these...I dunno, scattering of sparkling beadings, etc around the V-neck. It's not as tacky or ugly as the description sounds! LOL!

A necklace with matching's got like these blue and light greenish stones in it and silver's hard to describe. She likes chunky jewelry and I can't buy chunky jewelry because I think it looks cheap, so this is like a compromise. It's more cluttered than I would wear, but not all chunked out.

A small little vanilla sugar basket from Bath and Body Works--I usually get her a big one, but since I spent $20 on soap shaped like a Pug....anyway, it comes in a pretty silver snowflake bowl.

A pair of blue PJ's with snowflakes on them--they're more lounging wear.

I think that was it.

I got him just a couple things--he's only 8 weeks old on Sunday, so I don't think he'll notice. But I got him a sleeper w/a fuzzy puppy on it, a knit outfit with frogs on it, a little thing that plays music and has these swimming fish on it which fits over the bar on his carseat so he has something to look at, and a thing called a tummy surfer since he likes to lay on his tummy. Oh, and a Santa Hat that says "My First Christmas" on it.

I ran out of money before I could get anything for Dad, but since I bought the stuff to do dinner, Kelly's going to get Dad a gift from the both of us.

But...I have to check with my mom. Kelly gave everyone the same list, so odds are we both got Kelly the same things and I'm probably gonna have to take some stuff back. This is why people should just want gift cards!

Anyway,I wasn't able to get everyone the stuff I wanted to get them. All I can say is, in the coming year, I'm going to feel no guilt about things like calling off since they couldn't even tell us we weren't getting a holiday bonus.

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