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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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For those who are interested...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Here's my new baby nephew Anthony--sorry about the pic quality. I took them with my cell phone:

I like how he opened his eyes for about 2.5 nanoseconds before becoming bored with the picture taking and going back to sleep.

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AWWWWW!!! He's so cute! Especially for a newborn.

Yeah, he's not quite as icky as I thought he'd be. Not that babies are icky, I just generally don't find newborns all that attractive to look at. When they get older, I like 'em though. So I was worried I'd be unable to look at him for 3-6 months, but he's not all squashed like I thought he'd be.

He's really cute! Congrats on being a new aunt, Shannen!

Thanks! I haven't picked him up much or anything, cause the one time I did he started screaming, so I'm keeping my distance from doing that. Maybe when he gets older I'll hold him and stuff.

They're coming home today. Should be interesting with the dogs...

Wow! For a newborn he looks good, he doesn't have that smooshed up narrow, purple head with the squinty eyes.


Hehe--that's what Kelly and I said! We thought he'd have that translucent skin which kinda grosses me out, but he was all normal looking, so we were glad! I asked Kelly if he looked like what she expected, and she said he was cuter than she thought he'd be, so she was glad for that.

Yeah, and so far other I guess he's been pretty good. Kelly says he's eating like a horse--she has to give him bottles because she can't keep up with him on the breastfeeding. So he'll probably be putting on weight fast.

Oh!! He's beautiful....be sure to tell Kelly congrats from the LJcrew...


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