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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Prison Break
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Not as action packed as last week, oddly enough, but plenty of Wentworth crawling and sweating and staring, so it's all good!


The show was originally only supposed to be 13 episodes (cause it was basically gonna hold the timeslot until 24 comes back) so I don't know what they're gonna do now. Fox decided to ask for more eps, but the show's timeline as it stands now is pretty much set on that 13 ep timetable, therefore they're almost 50% through the breakout plan. They've already busted through the wall--it's not like they can just put the brakes on the plan for a few weeks without anyone noticing.

I have no idea how they're gonna slow that story down--either focus more on Veronica (oh God no!) or shift the focus to post breakout life on the run. I suppose they could, and have Michael and Linc going around trying to clear Linc's name, which could be why they're currently making Veronica look like such a dumbass...she can't solve the mystery too quickly on her own, because maybe TPTB need to keep that story in their back pocket to give the characters everyone cares about the chance to solve the mystery.

So it'll be interesting to see...

As for last nite's ep, all I have to say is T-Bag is one scary mofo, and I think Michael finally realizes that. I think Michael has had the realization that if they have to take T-Bag, the second they're out of the hole, T-Bag's gonna slit all their throats. I mean, why wouldn't he? He's not gonna let 4 people (or 5 or 10 or 20 the way this prison break is picking up passengers)be out there running around who might be able to put him back in jail somehow by blabbing about the breakout and such.

Hee! Oh, and I loved "small talk" Michael, trying to babble about vacations and whatnot. Hee! I like that they're doling out the real, non Blue Steel Michael in these little doses. And it was nice to see Michael tearing up when he met up with Linc. He really looked scared, and it was nice to see him let his guard down and be the little brother who needs taken care of for a moment.

Did I mention Wentworth is hot? Cause he is!

I also hope they don't move the show. Mondays work out perfectly for me, but now that Fox has ordered more eps, they've kind of screwed themselves because "24" is supposed to be in Prison Break's slot in January.

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I was surprised to see Michael walking so calmly back into general population at the end. I was sure someone was going to snatch him up! I squeed when skinny little Michael put the sleeper hold on the big inmate and the doctor broke the little inmate's leg to get away! I kept yelling "Hurry up! Hurry up!" at the TV for the whole hour. It still went by so quickly.

T-Bag definitely creeped me out. I want someone to get rid of him so I can sleep at night.

I was so hoping that when the caller said, "Veronica and Nick, you are so dead" (or whatever was actually said), they were going to be shot right then and there. But alas, no.

I also hope PB stays on Monday night. It's great along with The Ultimate Fighter 2 on SpikeTV for me.

It's so sad that Monday is the best TV night for me. I mean, it's Monday!

I thought last night's episode was great. Wentworth was hot, as usual. **hugs copy of TV Guide with Wentworth on the cover**

T-Bag is beyond creepy. I just know that he's going to be killed, and I kind of hope that Abruzzi is the one to do it (and speaking of Abruzzi, when did I start liking him?). I didn't expect T-Bag to kill the CO.

And Veronica is just stupid. First her inability to multi-task results in the death of her best witness. Then she decides to answer a mysteriously ringing pay phone. That's the number one rule for pay phones. Don't pick up the mysteriously ringing pay phone, because the person on the other end is gonna kill you!

As much as I love baseball, I'm so mad at the play-offs (well because of the long wait for the shows, and because my Cubbies aren't in the play-offs... again).

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