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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Prison Break: A Cute Poison
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Because I can't let my girl afadingvoice miss out! Some things might be out of order, but I think I'll hit all the plot points from memory.

OK, first we open up with Linc's execution, and he's pretty upset about it, what with the thrashing and all. I sort of get excited because maybe this means no more Linc, but alas--Linc is just dreaming of his own execution. He jolts awake, and looks unsettled. So I guess he doesn't want to die after all.

Michael is forced to do his digging when Haywire isn't around, which is exactly what he's doing, although I don't know where Haywire is exactly. But Michael hears the guards bringing Haywire back, so he shoves the sink back up against the wall and pretends he's rinsing off his face. Haywire comes in, and Michael decides to test the waters to see if Haywire is opposed to breaking out, since he's sort of resigned himself to the fact that he's gonna have to take Haywire along. But Haywire doesn't have much interest in getting out. He feels getting out is gonna be nothing but halfway houses and people shoving meds down his throat. Plus, he'd have to get a job. Haywire asks why Michael is so interested in what he thinks of busting out, and Michael shrugs it off, saying he heard some guys talking about it in the yard. Haywire suggested Michael take that plan to Bellick, since that would definitely get Michael into Bellick's good graces.

Right about this time, a guard and a male doctor come by to dispense Haywire's medication. Haywire says they think he has schizophrenia and a host of other mental imbalances, but he doesn't think so. The guard disagrees. Haywire takes his medication, and opens his mouth to show he did swallow it all. But as soon as the guard and doctor leave, Haywire goes over and vomits up the pills. Michael dryly says there must be a reason the guards have given him the medication, and Haywire says it's to keep him in invisible handcuffs.

Right about this time, Haywire notices Michael's tattoos. He comments on them, saying how awesome they are and he wants to study them closer. Michael freaks and puts *two* shirts on (guess he thinks Haywire has X-Ray vision)to hide his tattoos and says he doesn't want to talk about them.

Out in the yard, Abruzzi checks in with Michael on the status of the digging. Michael tells him everything is at a halt, thanks to Haywire. Abruzzi tells him he has to figure out a way to get around Haywire, because Michael made promises and if he doesn't deliver, Abruzzi is gonna slice and dice him up good. More than toes, I guess.

Michael tries to talk to Sucre, but he gets blown off (not in the way he hopes, I think!) Sucre goes to the payphone and is trying to get ahold of Mericruz, with no success. He leaves a message, saying he hopes she'll be coming for his visitation day. He's begging, really.

Veronica is still being the worlds most inept lawyer. She has taken over Linc's case, and comes to tell him so. He's touched. He also asks about Sebastian, and she tells him they broke up. He's thrilled, but tries to hide it (I think--I mean, he's so stone faced all the time.) She tells him about Crab's girlfriend backing up Linc's story, and he's excited because he thinks she'll testify...until Veronica tells him she's gone missing. She thinks the Secret Service got to her. Linc's all confused by the Secret Service aspect, since even though he's accused of killiing the VP's brother, he didn't know this went that high up. Duh. He tells Veronica about some place called Project Justice that helps people on death row, and he thinks they can help her with his case.

Michael's coming out of the shower (hello, low slung white towel) and Haywire is there, devouring Michael's tattoo with his eyes. Michael tells him to back off, and covers himself up with another towel. I now hate Haywire. He knows Haywire is catching on to there being some pattern to the tattoo.

Michael's up with the Pope, and they're discussing the popsicle stick Taj Mahal. Michael says they are nearing completion. He also tells Pope that he wishes he had a better roommate because Haywire is...well, Haywire. Pope sympathizes, but says unless there is violence, either physically or sexually, they can't transfer roomies just because they're weird. Pope's wife shows up unexpectedly, and although Pope tries to put her off by saying he was in a meeting, she wants to go into his office (but the surprise Taj Mahal is in there!) Michael saves the day by coming out and implying that there's another dangerous criminal in there contemplating some deal that Michael will have no part of. Now Mrs. Pope can't get away from the office fast enough!

Grateful that Michael saved his ass, Pope later meets with Bellick in his office and tells him to move Haywire. Bellick reminds Pope that he left Gen Pop up to him, and Pope butters him up by babbling about his impending retirement and how he wants to recommend Bellick be his successor. Then he suggests Bellick take another look at the Haywire situation.

Michael has the words "Cute Poison" buried in his tattoo on his wrist, and we find out this is short for some chemical compound mixture (don't ask..I failed chem.) He slips a box of ciggys to the guard at some room where they keep chemicals (like lawn chemicals and such) and goes in to pick up a bottle of some kind of sulfuric acid. He slips it in a sock, then slips that in a jacket pocket. Bellick comes in and demands to know what he's up to. Michael makes some noise about needing fertilzer for the lawn, and Bellick notes he's not in the lawn care section. He searches him, but misses the bottle of acid. He then tells him not to go behind his back to Pope again, and stomps Michael's toe stumps just to make his point. Michael crumbles to the ground in pain.

The Secret Service are tailing Veronica as she goes to her meeting with Project Justice. As usual, she flubs it and admits she doesn't really have any new evidence, but she's really sure he's innocent. Not surprisingly, they pass on helping her. The Secret Service don't worry about her, because they have a new problem to worry about...Michael.

Veronica goes to track down the cop who testified against Linc. He tells her they got the tip, went to Linc's apartment, and he was there in the bathroom. She says that originally the cop said in his report that Linc was standing in front of the sink, but in court he said Linc was washing out a pair of pants that were soaked with the victim's blood. So which was it? He falters for a sec, then tells her Linc was washing out the blood and looking guilty. She tells the cop that his testimony put Linc away. The cop looks flustered and tells her from now on, she'll need to go through the department head to get info. She heads back to her car, but one of the lawyers from Project Justice has followed her. He tells her that his boss may think Linc is a loser, but he doesn't.

Back at the prison, it's visiting day. Sucre is heading to the visitors room, when the guards shut him in the cage thingy. He says he thought it was open vistation, and the guards tell him his visitor requested this. Sucre looks and sees Hector. Hector tells him that Mericruz is with him now. As in "Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You." Sucre flips out.

Michael tells Abruzzi that he needs some Weed Be Gone from the Shed of Toe Chopping. He says it's part of his plan, and Abruzzi assumes it's part of the eliminating Haywire problem. Michael's plan also includes swiping Haywire's toothpaste.

Veronica and young lawyer have some coffee. Young Lawyer tells her he's interested in Linc's case because most death row inmates take 10 years to exhaust their appeals, and Linc is done in three. He says someone is pulling some strings to get Linc fast tracked to the chair. They figure it's either a political foe, or someone who would be hurt by the dead dude's attempts to make a more energy efficient world. Young Lawyer also tells some sob story about his dad being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, blah, blah.

Sucre calls Mericruz, and gets her. He asks for an explanation, and she tells him that she visted a friend who had a baby, and she realized she could be waiting a long time for Sucre to get out. He tells her he'll be out in 16 months, but she keeps saying that Hector told her that if something goes wrong, Sucre will have to do his full 10 years and she can't wait that long. She says goodbye, and hangs up.

Sucre goes running up to Michael. He wants back in. Michael tells him it's too late. Abruzzi gets Michael the Weed Be Gone, but tells him there's easier ways of getting rid of folks and tries to hand Michael a shank. Michael looks at it, then tells him there are also smarter ways, and takes the Weed Be Gone.

I can't remember how, but Sucre convinces Michael to let him back in. Something about being willing to dig with his own hands. They are practically giddy about making up. Sucre asks how they'll get rid of Haywire (who is standing around, staring at the buildings and drawing Michael's tattoos.) Michael says he has a plan, but someone will get hurt. Later that night, we see Michael filling Haywire's toothpaste container with something. He stares into the middle distance.

The Secret Service calls Martha Stewart, who is again chopping veggies. She rails on them for not realizing that Michael and Linc were brothers, even though they have different last names (so maybe they are half brothers? Michael kept his mother's last name anyway.)The feds don't seem too concerned, but Martha says something is fishy. She demands they move on Michael immediately, or heads will roll--namely theirs.

Young Lawyer and Veronica meet with Linc. He tells them that he stashed the gun (which was never found) and when he came home, he found the bloody pants in the tub, but he was most definitely *not* washing them out. He was set up all the way. Young Lawyer asks about his fingerprints on the gun, and Linc says some gun dealer had him come in the night before to "try on" some guns. That must have been how he got the fingerprints on the gun. Young Lawyer isn't too impressed with the evidence, but he'll look into it.

Michael comes back into his cell, and sees a whole bunch of drawings of different portions of his tattoo laid out, with the blueprint pattern kind of highlighted. Haywire is babbling that it's a pathway, and muttering to himself about why Michael would put a pathway on his skin. He gets more agitated, demanding to know where Michael is taking him, and Michael knows it's time. Michael bangs his own head into the cell bars repeatedly, busting his eye open, causing Haywire to exclaim that Michael is crazy. Michael starts screaming for a guard, and when they come up and see the wound, they instantly assume Haywire did it. They drag Haywire, who is screaming about Michael and pathways to hell, out of the cell after maceing him.

Michael gets taken to the infirmary. While waiting for Dr. Love Interest, he pulls out two of the rigged toothpastes out of his pocket and squirts them down the grate. We seem them foaming and all as they run down. As she tends to his boo-boo, Michael tells Dr.Love Interest that he took an elbow to the head playing ball. She says he'll get killed in there, and he challenges her that when he gets out alive, he'll take her to dinner. He smirks, and she tells him his charm is what is gonna get him killed.

Sucre is back in as the cellie, and he and Michael want to hug, but settle for a screwed up secret handshake. Michael gets back with the digging, while Sucre plays lookout with a mirror. But he doesn't do a great job, because he keeps coming back to chat with Michael. Sucre looks at the empty toothpast tubes and asks Michael why the chemicals can eat through the metal grates but not the toothpaste tubes. Michael tells him that they only become corrosive when combined. Michael checks his work, and thinks he has enough digging done to kick out the hole in the wall. He asks Sucre to make some noise, and Sucre begins warbling some song in Spanish. Michael is non plussed, and asks if that's the best Sucre can do. Sucre gives him a shit eating grin and tells him to have some faith in his buddy. Sucre begins warbling again, and soon the whole Gen Pop is up, screaming and banging and telling Sucre to shut it. It's quite a din, and Michael manages to kick out the hole unheard. Once everyone quiets down, Michael crawls halfway through the hall and looks around at all the hallways running behind the cells.

Meanwhile, Less Evil Secret Service Man is sitting down to dinner with his family. There's a knock on his door, and when he answers it, it's More Evil Secret Service Man. MESSM shows LESSM a memo and tells him the Michael Scofield situation is taken care of. Come tomorrow, Michael is getting transferred to another prison. Dum-dum-da!

Anyway, I know that is *all* out of order, but I think I hit all the major plot points.

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(Deleted comment)
I know! Like I said last week--this is gonna be the biggest breakout in prison history! So far we have:

Probably DB Cooper and Marilyn the Cat (since they have the money thing)

The entire cell block might as well go with them!

Yeah, the preview looked awesome for next week. Pope has some kind of shady past that he'll get blackmailed for, and looks like the plan is falling apart due to the accelerated leaving schedule!

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