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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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For any OG girls that read my journal....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Are ya'll getting that message about the board being disabled when you try to access it, or is it just me?

I want to make sure it's others before I try to email TG about it, although I don't know if she can check her email.

With Worlds a week away, this was a bad time for this to be happening? Should I maybe create a backup board just in case? I don't have contact info for the member list, so I wouldn't know how to tell people we had a backup.

I was afraid this might happen someday. :(

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Getting the same disabled board message...

Yeah, I got an email from another poster too, so I guess it's not just me.

I emailed the admin@olympicgods.com address--I don't know if TG still has access to this or not. If worse comes to worst, I guess I can set up a temp board elsehwre--it's such bad timing with Worlds going on and all!

--it's such bad timing with Worlds going on and all!

Yes... some of us wanted to share how hideous the opening ceremony was!

I sent an email to her gmail account as well, I'm sure there are plenty of OGers emailing her as well.

Hopefully, she still checks her gmail. I've emailed her before at her Tex-Tri address and didn't get a response. She's moving cross country so she only has spotty internet access, so I don't know if/when she checks her email.

I hope she gets settled soon--I was hoping maybe she'd get Ian's answers from the Q&A up if she has them...

I'm getting the message too. Grrrrr...

If the board's still down for Montreal, I'll create a temp board on my domain, I guess. But yeah, bad timing. I checked the usual email location for hosted domains (in this case, http://olympicgods.com:2095/ or olympicgods.com/webmail) and that seems to be up. Hopefully TG accesses it soon.

I've actually got a temp board already up at proboards, but it's just locked down for the time being--if OG is still down tomorrow nite, I'll unlock it and post the URL in my journal, so people can spread the word.

I found your lj through my last icon post and I'm glad I did! So I'm not the only one who can't access OG.

It is pretty bad timing that this had to happen before Worlds. I hope everything works out before the swimming competition starts.

P.S. I completely agree with onecoldcanadian the opening ceremony was horrible!

Yeah, I would definitely create a backup of the board in case! It just needs to be upgraded... do you have access to the CPanel and that sort of stuff? It's fairly easy to upgrade, I just wasn't sure if anyone but TG had access to it.

Definitely bad timing though! This is Brittany, btw ;)

No, TG is the only admin, so she's the only one with access to the control panel. It sounds like it's some kind of message from her web host, which nobody has access to either. Not that I know of, anyway.

Do you still have that ezboard set up from when we were transitioning over from TWoP? I think it was an ezboard. That could be a temp location we could use.

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