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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Here's the other thing about TomKat that just screams "FAKE" to me in giant flashing neon lightbulbs...

Whenever Tom is asked for specifics about things with his relationship, he can't answer. For example, during the engagement press conference, a reporter asked where he got the engagement ring. They showed this footage on the Today show this morning, and Tom gets this looks of brief panic on his face, then blows the question off with his trademark smarmy laugh and fakely looks to his handlers as if to say, "Can you believe this question, hahah" then proceeds to pretend as if the question was never asked.

Now, seriously--the only time you generally sidestep that question is:

1. The diamond's fake
2. You stole it
3. You don't want to admit you bought it from Vinnie's Pawn Shop down on 1st Ave for $89.

Since I doubt any of these situations apply to TomKat, the whole not being able to provide an answer thing means his publicist bought it, he doesn't even know where it came from, and therefore this great romance-that-burned-through-the-pages-of-history aspect that Tom would like to apply to their relationship can never be, since he couldn't even get it together enough to go pick out a ring.

And one could say, "Well, he wasn't expecting that question." This isn't his first marriage. It'll be his *third*. And unless he has been deaf and blind all these years, he'd know from experience that question is gonna come up. And come on now...it's not such a highly private thing that it has to be guarded. But the look of panic on his face gave it all away.

Unless it was the ring Nicole and/or Penelope threw back at him, and he's a ring regifter... ;)

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He is such a ... well. I wonder if this isn't some last, desperate attempt to convince all and sundry that he's really truly straight?

The whole thing is just weird - he's old enough to be her father, for heaven's sake!

That's occurred to me too.

The thing that creeps me out most about it is that he got her to convert to Scientology. That "religion" just gives me the wig. Like, you'd think someone would wake up and say, "Dude...we're following the writings of a guy who wrote crappy sci-fi novels." I mean, that's like building your religion around Fabio and his romance books. *boggles*

Hubbard actually knew that people were gullible and said that if someone wanted to be mega-rich, all they had to do was invent their own religion and properly marketed, the masses would buy into it. And he was right!

Shannen....I so agree with you on this! Cause if you've read any of his f-ed up sci-fi you have to wonder how a whole religion was living in his brain....

**joins in the boggling**


Well, KH keeps saying that she's merely exploring the religion..which would make more sense to me.

As for the ring, I vote "regift." Sure, he can afford a new one, but it sure allows him to wave the ring in Penelope or Nicole's face.

Well, KH keeps saying that she's merely exploring the religion..which would make more sense to me.

Everything I read says she says she's now taking the classes and she is converting. You don't take the classes for any religion unless you plan on converting to it, because you generally have to prove that you're legitimately planning to become a member of the church (no matter what the religion.)

To me, there's something off about a religion that only reveals what it believes in if you pay them to get the information.

This whole thing reminds me of his "relationship" with Penelope Cruz that seemed to have started while they were gearing up for publicity for that movie they made together. Hmm......

Yeah, it's a good thing for Dakota Fanning that she isn't a little older, because she's his latest female costar, and I think all of his wives/girlfriends have been sharing a set with him when their "romance" began.

At least both TC and KH have movies to push so that gives them some common ground to discuss over their sure to be "epically romantic" dinners.

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