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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I was going to go to the gym tonight, but I just had a weird dizzy spell, so I think I'd better not do that. It was really fast, but I definitely had to close my eyes and do a "Whoa". Maybe it was because I spun around in my chair too fast--I dunno.

Well, if I haven't had any more, and I feel OK by 7PM (when I usually go) I'll go to the gym, but maybe just have a light workout.

Oh, and I finally did schedule my heart sonagram that my surgeon wanted. June 14th. So I guess I'll have to hear what they have to say before Montreal after all.

So I'll either be OK in Montreal (ie, test came back fine) or uber depressed (ie, test said I have to have another open heart surgery.)

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You are going to be fine. I'll pray for you. And on the consolation side, there'll be tons of OGers in Montreal to hang out with, news good or bad.

I hope it all works out...if not, I'm gonna be cranky in Montreal, and not even a declaration of undying love from Ian or Phelpsie (or both) will ease the cranky.

I assume. I mean, if they want to try it, I'll certainly be all ears. ;)

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