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Bored now....

Don't feel much like working...I'm sort of ahead, so I just have a couple of little piddly things to do, none of which I'm exactly anxious to do.

But, I probably should do them, as the hope remains that maybe we'll get to go home early today, as we do on the day before most holiday weekends. Hope springs eternal.

Next week however--will be a huge bitca, and I will be cranky. For those who don't know, my office is located on the Muirfield golf course, which is the location of the big PGA Memorial Tournament. So, if you watch it on TV, you'll get to see the kind of area I work in.

While normally, it's probably pretty cool to work out here--if I cared about golf, which I don't--during the tournament week, it's a pain in the butt. Golfers decend here like locusts, I nearly have a car accident with Tiger Woods every year at various places around the area, and our days are spent chasing people out from parking illegally in our parking lot, or dealing with people who wander in asking to use the bathroom or the phone. And traffic is a nightmare. Thus cranky Shannen.

In happier news, I feel better today--I skipped the gym (but, I have to go tonight or tomorrow at the very least)and fell asleep around 10:30pm. Even though I woke up at 3AM (realizing that the TV was still on and my contacts were still in) I felt rested. And not as exhausted as I did yesterday.

In even happier news, exactly two months from today, I'll be in Montreal sweeping Ian Crocker off his feet. LOL! Well, not really--two months from today I'll be in Montreal, virtuous_sinner will have already swept Ian off his feet, and I'll be hiding behind corners to prevent a repeat of my spaz behavior from Indy. But at any rate, in two months, I'll be there! :D


Bad news: doesn't appear we're leaving early, unless they let us out at 4:30 (although the big boss has already left for the weekend, of course.)

Good news: I've finished everything on my desk, so I can go home with a clean desk over a three day weekend. Guess I just twiddle my thumbs for the last 45 minutes.

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