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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Decisions, decisions....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Do I:

1)Go out and grab a sandwich of some type for lunch (like maybe Subway or something)

2)Just eat the Weight Watchers frozen ziti that I brought in and left in the freezer last week.

3)Not eat anything, because I got on the scale last night and it wasn't very pretty. It keeps going up, and up, and up. I lost 4 pounds last week, and now I'm back up that plus one.

I'm leaning toward #3 so I can get some stuff done at work, but then again I am kind of hungry, but I need to lose weight before Montreal not gain it or I am not going to fit on the plane.

ETA: I guess I'll eat the ziti, because I'm too lazy to get up and leave my office. Although if I eat that, I'll probably just end up hungrier, which is why I tend to skip meals sometimes.

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Well if you need to work through you lunch then the Ziti is probably a good idea.

I recommend you don't skip meals. It isn't healthy.

Are you on WW? I'm a member too :X Yeah, just started like 2 weeks ago and Im upset i couldnt make it to today's meeting because I'm broke.

Hi, I'm Rice. :D Mind if I add you?

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