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*shudder* Talk about a close call....

Last night, something scary happened, but I didn't know about it until this morning.

I woke up about 12:30, to the slight smell of something burning--smelled like melted plastic. At first, I thought it was the neighbors doing something, but it got stronger.

My first thought, like always this time of year, is that the Christmas lights had caused a fire. I don't entirely trust that our cheap Christmas lights aren't going to blow the place up, so I never leave them on when someone isn't watching. Kelly can't ever remember to turn them off, so I thought she'd left them on and the Christmas tree was melting, or the lights outside were on fire.

I ran upstairs, and the smell was almost gagging. My contacts immediately fogged up. I could hear Kelly upstairs walking around, and I yelled up, "Are you burning something?"

She yelled back that she had it under control, so I went back to bed. I thought she was up wrapping presents and had set a cigarette down on a piece of tape or something.

This morning, when I get up, Kelly tells me, "I need you to help me with something, and you can't yell." I said, "Is this about what you were burning?" She nodded, and I figured she'd melted some of the carpet. Which, whatever. The dogs have already destroyed the carpet beyond hope, what's a little scorching?

She took me up to her bedroom and showed me her mattress. There was a huge hole--maybe 5 or 6 inches in diameter maybe's about the size of a small dinner plate--burned down to where you could see the springs.

She'd fallen asleep with a cigarette in bed, and woke up to her covers and bed smoking like crazy. It was so hot it melted the TV remote that was lying in bed next to her. It completely ruined her brand new duvet cover (good thing I had gotten her one for Christmas. Now I just have to keep her from going out today and buying one) and burned the sheets and everything. She said when she woke up, the edges of where everything was burned were all red--so she didn't see any flames--but it was smoking everywhere.

Kelly is really mad, and swears she's not smoking in bed ever again. She said she was gonna try to hide it from me, but she needed me to help flip the mattress over. I told her it could have been a worse situation, but I wasn't mad. She started crying and saying she'd be mad, because she risked all of our lives. But, that's why I didn't yell at her--she already knows, so me yelling wouldn't do anything.

Still--Kelly is a heavy sleeper, and the smoke alarm never did go off even though we tested it this morning and it works. Luckily the smoke woke her up before anything other than physical damaged happened.

Man, this could have been a tragic Christmas....

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