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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
See---I hate using vacation time at work. Just because I feel like if I use it, then something else will come along and I'll want to do that and I won't have the time to use.

Which wasn't a problem this year, because I ended up using all my vacation time on doctors visits and hospital stays.

But next year, it might be a bit of a problem.

So I'm trying to decide--do I go to this?

It's cheap, it's close, and it's gonna be fun. But then I keep thinking, "But what if something happens and I can go to Montreal (or Long Beach, or where ever that event ends up) and I've used all my vacation on this?"

I normally get two weeks, so it wouldn't be a problem normally, but I think I tapped into some of next year's time with the time I needed off this year.

Still--it's Phelpsie. I should go to Indy, huh? I assume he'll be there--it's the trial for the team that goes to Worlds, so I would assume he'll compete there. Plus, it's during my birthday.

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I'd go. At least you have two excuses to go. Phelpsie and your birthday. That's how I do it. Like, I normally would not take a bus trip to Philly(especially not during the winter), but people want me up there, Akiva's going to have a show, I'll get to meet DD, Oak and Goss are coming with, the trip is free, I get to sleep over and I can at least say I did something for the New Years.

I'm still considering whether to go to alan's show on my birthday or not.

But yeah, as I'm saying, you love Phelpsie and it'll be during your birthday. You should do something memorable for your birthday. You have two reasons to go. Besides, less official it is, more likely he'll have time to meet folk, I'm assuming.

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