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I guess I put all this junk here because I like keeping it for my own reference. :)

Anyway, on the Today Show yesterday, they had Bill Shapiro, the editor of Life magazine on, discussing their annual Year In Pictures issue. And this subject came up:

ANN CURRY: Also, I think you did something very interesting at a magazine. You asked people to choose photographs that they most liked of themselves. And here's one that Michael Phelps chose.

[I didn't see it, but from the description below, it sounds like one of these from the 800 free relay:

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SHAPIRO: Well, so many photographs were taken of Michael Phelps this year, the Olympic swimmer. And it's so telling that he chose this one. He won so many individual gold medals but he chose a team moment. And he told us after this relay against the Australian team that he chose this because he had never celebrated harder for any victory in his life.

I still, months later, think it's really cool that in a sport that's really focused on individual effort, Michael's really all about the team concept. He definitely showed that with his celebration there! He's usually fairly subdued--a raised fist, a wave and a grin, but when the US won that relay he was screaming so hard I thought he was gonna pop an artery! LOL! Even the swimming commentators, who have seen him win countless times were all, "Wow, is that Michael Phelps carrying on like that?" LOL!

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