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Once again, I didn't tell my TiVo to tape Smallville--I'd taken it off the season pass, and I've been forgetting to record it or re-season pass it. The last few episodes--even though I didn't see Bound, but the rumors of it were bad enough--turned me off in such a way that at this point, the show is cancelled to me.

I've got a new Wednesday night fixture anyway--I'm back to ANTM on Wednesdays instead of Fridays, and now I'm getting hooked more and more on Kevin Hill. It's really good--ya'll should watch it.

It's kind of funny that the best shows this season are on UPN....

In sadder news, Stanley has to go to the vet today. He hurt his rear leg, to the point that he's holding it as high off the ground as he can and hobbling around on three legs. I'm kind of worried, because it came on so suddenly, and Kelly and I have no idea how he hurt it. So, I'm worried and trying not to imagine the worst case scenarios, but I'm going to be a nervous wreck until his 3:30 appointment.

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