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Squeee! Michael wrote a book!!! Sort of!!

I thought the little kids book from Amazon was the book Michael's agent was talking about when he said there was a book coming out, but it's not! See!!!

Michael Phelps
Beneath the Surface
Michael Phelps with Brian Cazeneuve

Eight medals, including six gold and two bronze. Michael Phelps used the Olympic Games in Athens as his breakout event. Already known in the swimming world for the summer of 2003 when he set seven world records in 41 days, Michael’s record-tying medal haul made him a mainstream name. He’s well on his way to his ambitious goal of “changing the sport of swimming,” but despite Michael’s pre-eminence in the pool, his story is not a swimming diary but a tale of adversities overcome and redemption through persistence.

Michael Phelps: Beneath the Surface is a first-person account of Michael's journey to manhood and Olympic glory—from a toddler who was afraid to put his face in the water to a student overcoming an attention deficit disorder to a son dealing with his parents’ divorce to a brother who watched an older sister narrowly miss making the Olympic team to the athlete who carried his nation’s hopes on his shoulders in Athens, and delivered against such high expectations.

About the Author
Michael Phelps is the most accomplished U.S. swimmer since Mark Spitz. Phelps has broken numerous world records, including an astounding seven in 41 days. Michael’s success in the 2004 Summer Olympics has made him a household name. Michael hails from Baltimore.

Brian Cazeneuve is a staff writer at Sports Illustrated and has been the magazine’s full-time Olympics journalist since 1995. Before joining SI, he worked as a freelance writer for Time, People, The New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters and NBC Sports. In 2003, he won the Jesse Abramson Prize, a national award for excellence in track and field writing.

2005 * 200 pp * 8-page b/w photo insert
6 x 9 hardcover

Squeeee!!!! I'm so excited! I'm broke as a joke, but I am so gonna have to pre-order this


ETA: The editor says they're shooting to have it out before Christmas, as it's being printed now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I have to have it!

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