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Lots of fun stuff this morning!

First, I'm listening to a radio stream from Los Angeles (KBIG 104.3) because Phelpsie is supposed to be on sometime this morning. I don't know if I'll be able to hear it though--at noon, I have to go upstairs to break the receptionist for lunch, and I imagine that'll be when he's on (since it'll be 9AM out there.) But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh poo--I guess he's on *tomorrow*. I keep thinking today is 9/30. Oh least I know I can hear it at work!

And in another Bweee! moment, Couch Baron continues to love Veronica Mars. See what he wrote in the recaplet:

So like, you guys? You know those shows where the pilot seems pretty good and promising, and then the second episode completely, totally blows? And how disappointed and betrayed that makes you feel? Well, the writers of Veronica Mars must have been through that, because the second episode absolutely kicks ass.

I'm not gonna stop harping until some of you start watching the show! :D

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