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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I'm cranky today
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
if anyone is interested....

Maybe I need some Phelpsie to cheer me up...

Although, I do feel bad looking at that, because at the event in Utah this weekend, a fan had that on her t-shirt and Phelps told her how he showed up for practice in Athens and started changing (like every other swimmer does, right out there on the deck with a towel wrapped around their waists) and the photogs just swarmed him and started snapping pictures of him trying to wiggle into his Speedo. He was embarrassed that those pics were out there, he said (although, he wasn't making the girl feel bad for having it or anything.)

So I feel bad for looking at it. Just a little, anyway. I'll atone tonight by looking at the Vanity Fair pics. :D

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Heh. But you have to wonder if he's naive or completely unaware of things like an athlete getting changed in public being unusual and sort of newsworthy ;-) Maybe because it's so banal to him to do this he forgot that it looks pretty intersting from the other side of the camera?

Awww--he's too damn cute and hot at the same time! I'm quite sad that I didn't get to see this tour, darn it!

Maybe because it's so banal to him to do this he forgot that it looks pretty intersting from the other side of the camera?

Yeah, I'm thinking that's probably the case. To swimmers, getting changed out there poolside isn't a big deal. They do it all the time. At most swim meets here in the US, there's not a whole heck of a lot of attention paid to them, and the crowds are mostly friends and family. So in that kind of environment, you probably don't think twice about it--it's not a big deal, because the other swimmers are doing it too.

So yeah--I'm thinking it just didn't occur to him. At the first Swim with the Stars shows, he was doing it there too! LOL! I don't think he does it anymore, though.

Which in a way kind of sucks--I know he wants to make swimming as popular as other sports with fans at large, but I always kind of liked the fact that it was an aquired taste of a few. :D

Do female swimmers do it?

And swimming's popularity: it will probably increase, and I can definitely see a much bigger future for it, but it'll never be as massive as some other sports because it can't be a weekly/weekend kind of sport, and it's harder to build up the public's interest. It's more like tennis, in which there's a loyal following and some players are huuuugely popular, but most of the others are relatively unknown outside of hardcore fans.

Here, everyone loves swimming so I'm not used to it being the taste of the minority ;-)

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