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Hee! GIP!!

Look what amberlynne posted in veronica_mars!

Hee! I love it! Wallace is adorable, and he and Veronica seem to be developing a friendship (something even Veronica is surprised at, if you go by the show website) that feels *real*. Like, you'd have with your own friends.

Seriously, ya' the show. Watch it! You're not cheating on Chloe by watching it. Think of it more as saying to the networks, "Hey--this type of character *can* carry a show! We don't need our girls to be perfect pink princesses! They can be snarky and flippy and manipulate when the need arises and have bad things--*really* bad things--happen to them and not spend time reminding everyone around them but instead move on from them and be strong."

Even Couch Baron at TWoP liked it, according to the recap. And CB hates everything! And you get cute recap tidbits like this Wallace/Veronica scene:

She says she had her own reasons for doing it, but he tells her she can't get away with that, and says that underneath her "angry young woman show, there's a slightly less angry young woman who's just dying to bake me something. You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars!" Hmm. That's the first time I've ever seen someone beg for baked goods while making a friend. I guess he's a little young to be carb-conscious, though. Veronica smiles in spite of herself, and I really think Kristen Bell can handle this role.

Or, you know, if you need something more of substance:

So, in the first two minutes, the show has given us a relatively subtle and well-executed, as well as interesting, look at the dichotomous nature of the lead character's personality. You know, I just got cable last week in my new apartment, so I'm probably just mixed up here. For a minute, I actually thought this show was on UPN.

Like I said, CB hates everything, so giving this show a grade of A- was a good thing.

So, you know--watch it. I heard--although I don't know for sure--that the pilot is gonna air tonight at 8PM on MTV. It's Monday--there's nothing else on, you know! And then the next new ep is on Tuesday, so you won't be missing anything else!

But, you know...just watch. Even though Tuesday has Paris Hilton, the show otherwise is really good. I swear. Kristen Bell can really act. And if you're missing Bayliss from Homicide--well, he's on this show too. :)

Oh, and if you're interested, part of the reason the show is really good is because the creator originally developed the idea as a book series--kind of a Nancy Drew type thing, except Veronica was a boy (and obviously, not named Veronica.) I think you can see that influence--it felt like a really good book to me. And full of nice quoteables.

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