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I really don't feel like working today. This is a problem, because I have lots of work on my desk that needs done, and I need to try to keep up so that I'm not leaving behind a mountain of stuff to be done in a few weeks.

I need some new Phelpsie pics to keep me occupied. :) I fell asleep last nite cradling my Vanity Fair with the hot pics of Phelpsie inside. Although, that wasn't intentional...I was reading it and fell asleep. But it was funny to wake up next to Phelpsie (er...well, a picture anyway! LOL!)

In other news, my Lex Sim is pissing me off. I got a decent Lex made, and he lives with Chloe Sim. They're in love, but while Chloe aspires to knowledge, so all her aspirations are easy to get (see a ghost, or gain a logic level), Lex aspires to popularity, so his goals are all out of whack--like, "Public Wahoo with 3 Sims" or "Have 2 loves at the same time". Damn, Lex...get easier aspirations! He finally got over his fear of being engaged to Chloe though--it was replaced by a fear of ghosts! Hee! So while Chloe is hunting ghosts, Lex is scared to death of them.

Also, I forgot your Sims could get fat. Chloe Sim started getting a little chubby, and I was worried that she was preggers, even though I'd never made them try for a baby (my computer for some reason can't handle the kids once they grow from toddlers--it slows the game way down for me.) But nope--she was just being lazy and getting chunky. So was Lex, which was hilarious. So for two days, I had to have them work out all the time to get their old shapes back. It was pretty funny--Chloe does *not* like to work out!

But...I think that's all that's going on here. I guess I'd better get back to work and get at least one thing accomplished this week....

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