ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Hey, did anyone get that SV companion book?

It looks like it's out on Amazon right now--I have to go to the mall later, so I thought I might pop into the bookstore there and see if they have it.

Might be kind of cool to have what with the old eps (which are ironically, getting me excited about Smallville again...which makes no sense, since I have the DVDs) airing on ABC Family.

Oh, and speaking of Amazon...I got your package, Lexual! LOL! You know, you must know me--those CDs weren't things I put on my wish list, they were things Amazon put on there (back when they had Passion of the Christ and all that on there.) And yet, even so, you still picked out two artists I do actually like! So thank you! I need some smooth soothing sounds to get me through the stress, and Anita and Jill will do perfectly!

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