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I don't know if I strained something or it's just my bandaid pinching me. I got out of my various jammies and toddled outside to take the trash can to the dumpster, because it was overflowing and stinky and even though Kelly said, "Remind me to take the trash out" yesterday and I did, it got pushed off behind more pressing matters, I guess. Like going out barhopping with Steven and staying over there, then going to get luggage for vacation. *sigh*

But I couldn't take the smell whenever I'd let the dogs out, so I hauled it down there. Then I toddled down to the mailbox, since I asked Kelly to get the mail on Saturday and that hadn't been done.

Not that it was worth it--all that was in there was junk mail addressed to my dad, a letter from our vet, and hooray--more hospital bills. For someone who is supposed to pay 80%, I sure has hell seem to be getting a lot of letters from Anthem that say, "Provider pays $0.00."

And on top of all this, my car is acting up. It really has to think about starting. It's like lots of trying to turn the engine over before it actually does. So I don't know what's breaking--the starter, the engine, the battery, what. Not that I have the money to find out anyway. I guess I'm gonna have to cash the check that Anthem *did* manage to send me for $300 (to pay for part of my $1500 CAT scan) to pay to get my car fixed.

*sigh* Seems like I'm always having to rob Peter to pay Paul. I know, I know...I shouldn't have bought The Sims 2 and a new video card. That was $150 I could have used to get my car fixed. But I thought maybe it could hold out until the end of the month, but now I'm not so sure.

Getting paid twice a month sucks. We need to get paid every two weeks like normal jobs.

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