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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I'm back.
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
They called it "non-specific chest pain" and didn't really have a cause. The paper the doctor gave me said it could have been the cause of an inflammation of the chest walls, and he told me to take some ibuprofin and sent me home.

Of course, I finally had to get the contrast CAT-scan....when the dye ran through me, it felt *hot* and I thought I was peeing my pants! It was because the dye moving through my legs...it felt like something warm was running down them. LOL! I started telling the CAT scan guy, "I'm so hot...I feel too hot" and he said it was normal, and that redheads have a more severe reaction to the dye.

But, the tests came back normal...just supposed to take it easy for the next few days, then go ahead with the procedure on Wednesday to determine what the next procedure is.

But...I feel better. The nurses said I was a very good patient (more than the lady across the hall from me, who was a total bitca) except that I accidentally was hitting the call button repeatedly when I thought I was changing the channel on the TV! LOL! Oh, and that I had to go to the bathroom seemingly every 5 minutes! WEll, they didn't complain about that---I just felt bad about it. Oh, and an intern who looked very Phelpsian kept walking by, so that was nice to look at too! Wish he could have treated me, although my doctor looked good too--like an older Taye Diggs.

But anyway, I feel better, and I even got a text message from Phelpsie! LOL! Well, he tried to say he was ladylynx but I know better!

Oh, and I stole my neat aqua footies from the hospital! :D

Now, to rustle up something to eat. I'm *starved*. I haven't eaten since lunchtime.

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I had one of those contrast CAT scan things many years ago and I ... er... rather liked it. It was, um, quite pleasurable, if you know what I mean. And I also felt like I was blushing furiously as the dye made its way through my body and I was really embarrassed because I thought the nurses would *know*.

You sound much chirpier and reassured. Good! Now do as the doctor says and rest, missy!

I'm so glad that you're OK! Please, keep us posted.

I started telling the CAT scan guy, "I'm so hot...I feel too hot"

How wrong is it that I read this as porn? *g*

And congrats on the latest news. It is a huge relief.

*big hugs*

I'm so glad things are looking up, and I hope they stay that way. I always love seeing your posts, Shannen.

"and that redheads have a more severe reaction to the dye.

That is soo wrong. LOL.

Glad you got my..I mean Phelpsie's text message.

OK, now I can relax.


PS: I just went over to the MR site for the first time in a few, and noticed that the little news ticker thing is um, well, not ticking. Heee...silly man.

Glad you're okay. Try to rest this weekend!

I am so glad that you came through this so well! YAY!!


Well now there's some positive news! I'm gonna try and call over the weekend to check in with you.....

Take it easy and have a good holiday!


Okay, this sounds good. I'm praying everything else will turn out fine.

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