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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Well, I'm back from test one....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
But test two is still coming.

This test was OK, although I don't know the results or anything. It was basically a sonagram of my heart. The person doing the sonagram didn't say too much, but she was making me a bit nervous because she kept really focusing on one valve in my heart.

Until she said, "It's taking a while to get a picture because getting through all this breast tissue is tough."

I had to just laugh and say, "No, really?" LOL! Of course, by then my Valium was kicking in, so I was feeling very relaxed. I can see how people get addicted to these things!

Second is the CAT scan, then hopefully I'll be done.

I was trembling a little and having a slightly hard time breathing this morning when I got up, but when I took the Valium and it kicked in, I was OK. Which is helping me think maybe this is just anxiety.

Then Kelly dropped me off, and I decided to test out and see if I could go out and do stuff without having trouble breathing or feeling dizzy/faint. I drove myself to Giant Eagle grocery store to pick up some things, and I did OK. I did have to have a couple of times where it was hard to breathe, but that was more like just having to sigh a lot, not gasping. But I just took my time, drove however I wanted to (other jerks on the road make me anxious, I do know that) and made it there and back with no prob. That's good because Kelly wants to stay at Hee-Haw's house tonight so they can take his kids to the movies, but she said she wouldn't if I didn't feel OK. But I don't want to squash her plans, so I thought I'd better take a test run to see if I'd have any probs.

Oh, and in some fun stuff, I picked up the new Sports Illustrated with Phelpie on the cover. It has pics I've seen before, but definitely had an "Awww" moment in the story that takes place after Michael won his first medal:

An hour after the race Phelps's mother, Debbie, caught up with her son. She had raised him as a single mother after getting a divorce when Michael was seven, and mother and son as close as brother and sister. She, her two daughters, and several other relatives were waiting against a fence outside the pool area. When Michael saw her, he walked to the fence, raised his medal, and said--as innocently as a child--"Mom, look." Then they all cried together for a moment.

Awww! That's the Olympics right there, folks!

ETA: Oh, and this is funny. When she was doing the sonagram, she was all, "Just stay calm, so we can see the heart beating normally. Just think about something else." So I thought about this but I guess that wasn't a good thing to think about in terms of not kicking up my heart rate because then after a few seconds she said, "OK...you should probably stop thinking about that. Pick something more calming." LOL!

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Glad to hear Test 1 went ok, and that you're picking up. Loved the 'aww' moment, too *g*.

Good luck with the next one!

(Deleted comment)
Shan, I've not wanted to stick my nose in and comment too much on this (other than my continued wishes you feel better soon) ....better to leave diagnosis to the professionals, but well here I go anyway. Many of the symptoms you describe are exactly what I went thru about two/three years ago and the doctors took forever to figure it out. I finally saw a pulminary specialist and they determined I had "Valley Fever"...apparently something many folk go thru upon moving here (but there's other way's to get it too). Anyway in connection with that I developed low grade Asthma. It will likely get worse as I get older and right now I have very few flare-ups. I have an inhaler I use when things get bad...but I do frequently have trouble breathing and my chest can feel really constricted. At worst my heart has hurt just like a heart/anxiety attack. Also because I've not been able to take in enough air, I've passed out and gotten dizzy from it.

I didn't think adults could get Asthma but apparently we can. He blamed it on second-hand smoke when I was a child. I don't know if my suggesting it will help or not because, well there really isn't a cure for Asthma...just treatment and it is dangerous if you don't know what you are going thru. But you know just to put those of us who are concerned at ease, can't hurt to ask the doctor, right?


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