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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Someone posted this at the MRMB. I'd never seen it before so I don't know when it was taken or who the chick is. Some model sort, I imagine.

Huh. Guess I really *am* over Michael, because my first reaction to seeing the pic was, "Dammit, if you're not in a speedo or spandex shark suit this week, I'm not interested!" LOL! Hey, at least with those guys, they'll only ever been seen in the company of other hot guys! Which means more eye candy! :D

Speaking of candy...one of our carrier reps left a big mug of chocolate candy on my desk. I've already ate three pieces. If I don't move the mug, I'll probably eat the whole thing.

Guess I'm losing faith in the diet. Or maybe not the diet so much as losing faith in seeing the point of trying to be something I'm not ever going to be (skinny and hot myself. Because even if I *did* become skinny and hot, I'm not gonna get what I want anyway, so sometimes I have to question expending the effort.)

I wish it was Friday. With the exception of hottie swimming action, I'm sick of this week already. I'm wore out, and my stress level is rising because Loud Talker is back in the office today after being out for off site meetings for two days. I was *not* looking forward to coming in this morning.

goes off to hunt up more half naked Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps pics to turn the day around

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That's OK - I'm rehooked on Michael so someone has to cover the Spandex STuds of the H2O *G*.

I think this is also from the UPfronts in New York a few weeks ago, if memory serves *G*.

PS: I love this pic because it looks like Lex with some deb at a society charity function - note somewhat bored fixed pleasant expression on face *G*.

No spandex though.

So far I haven't stopped being hooked on Michael*g* That girl looks very familiar, and I'm guessing she's some WB actress. Note the long flowing brown hair and the full pouty lips ;)

Yeah, I don't think she's tall enough to be a model.

And my Michael!Love is strong as ever before, superhot swimmer boys notwithstanding.

This was on that Italian site a few months ago, but that was the only place I saw it. It does look posed though and not at all as if they're together for real. It has that whole, 'Lean in together for the shot, please, thank you,' thing going on.


*Please* don't give up on the diet. You made a record goal already, no matter how stuck you feel now.

Don't forget there's the actual physical weight of the food till it's burned off, water weight off and on, muscle building, weight before bowel movements; every single one of these things can add 5 to even 7 pounds to you daily and go off within a day or 2 without you realizing.

Weighing yourself every day is defeating the purpose. Once a week or every two weeks may be better for you now, no matter how horrifying that may read - because you're driving yourself nuts and it's not worth it.

Your clothes are looser, that counts - keep that in mind.

The negativity is understandable but you are *so* much better than it, honest, honest, honest.

I mean it.


Re: I remember this

I agree - I keep saying this.

Weight fluctuates from day to day (mine does by up to five pounds, and I relatively small) . Food takes days and sometimes weeks to get out of the system, muscle weighs more than fat, water retention will add loads (shannenb - I really think you should consider getting some sort of water retention treatment - because if you get water retention from drinking a tiny amount of liquid something is definitely not right).

Weighing yourself daily is disheartening and nothing else.

Are you feeling any healthier? If so, just do it for that - any weight loss is extra.

Maybe you shoudl focus on the being healthier thing rather than the weight - taht time you will see real progress and you will probably lose weight anyway.

Are you eating enough essential fatty acids, btw? Apparently you will never burn off the excess fat if you don't get enough EFAs.Need to eat oily fish and seeds and nuts for them (and Evening Primrose oil) - Omega 3 is good for you.

Maybe consider a supplement if you can't face eating any of those things or don't want to add more calories .

Are you sticking with the extra liquid thing?

You know we are all cheering you on, don't you! (No pressure) :)

Excellent advice, El. Shan, are you listening?

(Deleted comment)
I could be mistaken, Shannen, but I believe the girl is an actress who was on 24 this past season, and she was also MJ's friend who was acting with her "The Importance of Being Earnest" in Spider-Man 2.

Goes to show how observant I am. I thought they looked quite "real", like "piss off, don't photograph us please, oh all right then, hurry up...."

At first so did I, but then I looked closer, and you can see that there is not contact. If they were together they would have at least a bit of body contact and usually whenever Michael is in a pic with a friend or whatever, there is ALWAYS contact. LOL Did you see the pics of Mikey with Bo Kent? Aw. Anyway, I'm on the They Don't Even Know Eachother bandwagon.

That looks like Eva Green from The Dreamers, NC-17 movie. Bet Michael liked seeing her full frontal, if he saw it. She's beautiful.

on closer look, maybe not. but she looks reaallly similar.

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