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It has become apparent to me that Fox is run by idiots.

Their original reasons for scrapping Serenity (Firefly's pilot) was that it wasn't action packed enough. That it was too talky. That it was boring.

Now, I haven't watched the unaired version, but if it was remotely close to the aired version...then Fox is out of their gorram minds.

How can a show that starts off in the middle of a war battle, and follows it up with some thievery, a mole on board the ship (an Alliance informant, not an actual animal), a main crew member getting almost fatally shot, half the crew threatening to leave, a run in with some savages who like to, according to Zoe, do things like rape you to death, eat your flesh, and sew your skin into their clothing, a hostage situation, a stand-off with a crotchety Old West woman who'd just as soon shoot you where you stand rather than pay you, and yet *another* run in with the savages be *boring*.

The tension in this episode was so high I thought I was gonna stroke out by the end. It was anything *but* boring, and it pains me to know *this* should have been first. All the people who tried the show and didn't like it--well, this episode would have hooked you. I mean, Jesus, Fox...if ya didn't want people to watch the series at all, why the hell did you buy it?

And hello? Continuity here again, people. Kaylee tells Mal she's worried that the compression core (or something like that) is going to blow, and she wants to get a new one. Mal tells her they don't have the money, and not to worry--it won't break. Except that a few episodes later (Out of Gas) it *did* blow and almost got them all killed. And Mal asks Jayne why Jayne didn't turn on Mal when the mole tried to cut a deal with Jayne to sell the crew out to the Alliance. "Money wasn't good enough," Jayne replied. Mal said one day the money *would* be good enough, and what would happen then? "It'll be an interesting day," says Jayne. And it sure was and interesting day, a few episodes later (Ariel) when the money *was* good enough and Mal almost killed Jayne because turning on a crew member was like turning on Mal.

And I *finally* understand Book. He's trying to find a balance for himself in the world--a balance between his faith and a world that doesn't really believe in faith. And that's why he's on Serenity--if he can bring some faith and belief to the members of the ship, then he'll have taken a huge step to finding out how to find his balance.

And can I just say...I *love* when Mal gets all protective of Kaylee. I think it's adorable. When Jayne was talking kinda raunchy about her, and Mal kicked him out of the dining room...well, I just love me some Mal.

So fuck you, Fox. I hope this show finds a new home at a network that appreciates it and treats it better. And then you'll realize what you could have had, but don't.

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