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Oops...I got so into watching my Sliders DVDs that I forgot about watching Justice League. Of course, since I forgot to watch it, The Flash was probably all over the ep! LOL! Oh well--I'm sure it will rerun someday.

As I'm watching these DVDs, I remembered something I had forgotten--Fox did the same thing to Sliders that it did to Firefly in terms of screwing with the order of eps. Now, normally this isn't *too* big of a deal with this show, but the first few eps were definitely a lot more interconnected.

Summer of Love is the 5th episode in the airing order (and on the DVD) but was actually supposed to be the second show. So that screws up continuity in some definite places. When they land at the beginning of the episode, they're wearing the same clothes that they wore in the pilot. Not a big deal for the others, but Remmie was wearing this hideous gold suit that you can't help but notice and wonder why he hung on to for several slides (since the way the show was aired, we'd seen him in much better and hipper clothes in earlier eps.)

And they hadn't added the timer countdown function to the show until after this episode. Yet in the previously aired episodes, it shows them discussing how long they have on each world, how it's out of their hands (aka, they can't just fire up the timer and leave when the world is about to be destroyed or something)and then in Summer of Love they're opening the window at will until Quinn and Auturo tweak the timer.

And in the beginning of the episode, Bennish is questioned by the FBI, and they make reference to Quinn and company being missing for almost a week....which definitely doesn't jive given the lengths of previous slides and Auturo's speech to Remmie in the pilot about how time should be moving the same on all parallel earths.

And of course, at the end we see them encountering a San Francisco about to be flooded by a gigantic tidal wave. Which leads us to...

Prince of Wails, which was the 4th episode in the airing order, but the third in the production order. So that show opens witht he gang dressed in their 1960's clothes hanging onto a building trying to escape the tidal wave.

Before the episode with the tidal wave had aired.

Sheesh--I understand mixing up the airing order and all, but Fox needed to you know...*watch* the episodes and see which ones they could mix up, or at least have some cuts made so that it makes more sense. No wonder the show didn't get high ratings! LOL!

And in other news, I just continued to blow my diet off all weekend. I generally ate healthy today, I just didn't count points for anything or really measure anything, so I know I'm over points (not that it mattered, since the fair trip blew everything out of the water.) I'll get back to buckling down tomorrow, then start the Wendie plan on Monday.

I figure as long as I can keep my weight for this Monday's weigh in at what it was later this week (about 2 pounds higher than my last Monday weigh in)I can live with it.

Oh, and one last thing--I know what early Christmas gift I'm giving myself:

August 06, 2004 - No zoup for you this Thanksgiving! Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has announced the first two volumes of the hit series Seinfeld, the first containing seasons one and two and the second volume containing season three, for release on November 23 for $49.95.

There will also be a deluxe holiday Gift Set which includes a limited edition script with handwritten notes from Larry David, exclusive "Monk's Diner" salt & pepper shakers and collectible playing cards for $119.95.

I have to have the holiday gift set. It's so worth $119 if it has both volumes plus all that stuff.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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