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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I dunno if I'm as jazzed about the new Smallville Spoilers for episode 4 from DTS.

Mainly because it means Chloe is definitely back and bopping around Smallville High. Not that this is a problem, but I so loved the theory that Lex was involved with these skin experiments in the third ep because he was trying to help her recover from being injured. But, now it appears that maybe we can throw that theory out, which means Lex is observing Nip/Tuck for no logical reason.

Also, it seems like kind of an assy thing for Clark to do to quit the paper to play football. Way to leave Chloe out to dry there buddy.

Also, I'm *hoping* Lois's whole helping at the Torch/telling Clark she'll take his place because she smells a chance at a Pulitzer is just smoke she's blowing up Clark's ass to cover the fact that Chloe's hurt by Clark's decision to quit the Torch. Because if we *are* going to get Reporter!Lois by episode 4....then what's the purpose of Chloe again?

So...I'm not as jazzed about them, although Lex's parts of the ep sound pretty good.

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There is a logical reason for him to be observing it, if he's still continuing some form of the L3 experiments. We already knew he was into the L3 stuff in "Truth". Lex has insatiable curiosity, and he could very easily say that unlike his father who was using the L3 stuff for cloning and things like truth serums, he is continuing the experiments to see what good he can come up with for mankind.

Not that I'd believe that b.s. because Lex has multiple reasons for doing anything, but I'm sure that would be one of the things he'd tell himself and, ahem, *others* who came snooping and accusing.

I saw from some other comments that you think that this would be Lex suddenly being all evil, but it's really not. It's not in Lex's eyes (especially if he has that sort of motivation in mind) and it's not sudden since we've seen him curious about this sort of thing before.

Yeah, but somehow, I can't imagine Lex screwing around with observing cosmetic surgery when he has access to info about cloning and bringing people back from the dead at his fingertips. A little skin resurfacing is such small potatoes compared to that. I'd imagine he'd be investigating *those* moreso than some outpatient surgery at a dermatologists office.

It's just disappointing because I was hoping to get more Chloe/Lex interaction and to keep their stories sort of separate from the Clark stuff, the way it kind of was last year--especially since Lois is apparently taking up the reporting aspect. But it feels like this seems like a retread of the same old teen angst for Chloe. I was hoping she'd get some more mature storylines this season other than, "Clark screwed me over...again."

Well, the cloning thing could have people on it as we speak. Don't underestimate cosmetic benefits. That's a multi-billion dollar industry (just look at the media saturation with plastic surgery makeovers right now--vanity is a big motivator) and this would be a non-invasive means of transforming appearance in a matter of minutes with no recovery time. He could market the krypto-enhanced drug and make a killing in the pharmaceuticals alone. Right now, LuthorCorp has its fingers in a lot of pies, but is primarily agribusiness. This could provide a crossover into pharmaceuticals, if it ever made it beyond the FDA trials and no one found out about the whole psychosis thing that's always involved in krypto projects. *g*

I mean, basically you're talking about cloning and bringing people back to life which are anything but legitimate medical or scientific acts. That's mad man science and furthermore, cloning and human experimentation are highly illegal. I don't think Lex is going to risk having more than the most trusted few personnel on those projects for some time to come. Those are deeper, ethical issues that, though they may fascinate Lex for the moment, that I'm betting he won't be willing to pursue in earnest quite yet, because he still can't entirely divorce the humanity from the science, as his father did.

So I think Lex is doing something with a willing test subject that could lead him to new billions if it's a success. Which it won't be, of course, but that just means he'll have to try, try again. *g*

And this is the third or possibly fourth (depending on who you believe) episode, and the first one with Chloe back in town. Just because Clark is trying to do something a little different with the football thing doesn't mean it will succeed or that he'll be permanently neglecting the Torch. I think we'll see Lois working there a couple of eps, then she'll go back to Metropolis for school. Chloe can't run the Torch by herself, so Clark will probably come back to help her, just not as his main extracurricular activity. Meanwhile, this is giving Lois her first taste of reporting--learning from our girl, might I add, *squee*--so that she can go back and pursue it in the big city.

I don't think Chloe's storyline with the Luthors is over. In fact, if Lex is secretly looking into L3 experiments and Chloe's favorite topic to investigate remains the meteor weirdness, then those paths are bound to cross and it'll be interesting to see what she'd do as a journalist if she came upon knowledge that the man who saved her life was dabbling in the bad science again. That's an ethical choice Chloe would have to make, and could be really good development for her, should they go there.

*sigh* Yeah, I guess.

I'm just pouty because the speculation I had yesterday about Facade was probably the first spoiler in three years that I've been excited about rather than dreading, and now it's just another cool thing I liked that went to waste. :(

This is why I don't do much speculation discussing--I'm never right, dammit! And this was the one time I *really* wanted to be right, because I really want to see Chloe side with Lex and tell Clark to sod off.

I'm right like....five percent of the time. *g* Doesn't stop me from doing it, but it does stop me from wandering off down Clone Blvd anymore. *shudders* Bad memories, seriously.

Chloe may still side with Lex over something. I mean, I'm thinking that Lex was responsible for Chloe still being alive, and if so, that's a pretty tight bond. That means when the time comes, if it ever does, that your allegiances go with Lex. Or should he call in the favor. Who knows what could happen? Season four is supposedly going to be a little lighter, so hopefully they'll let Chloe do something besides run around risking her life for a story and boy who doesn't notice her. I wouldn't mind if she got a little hero worship going on with Lex, myself.

Lex is putting his money into the football team? *giggles* OH, HALLELUJAH!! The Clex is back!!

*dies laughing*

I'm actually hoping Lex *does* have some ulterior evil, petty motive for that--like getting Clark on the team so he's *forced* to watch Jason and Lana make googly eyes at each other. Cause I'm not ready for Lex to be begging for Clark's forgiveness just yet.

Oh, I don't know if it's about begging forgiveness so much as 'I'm here, I'm not going away, and you're just going to have to deal with it'. Plus, what a perfect opportunity to now have Clark once more at his mercy, on his radar, etc. And, it kind of makes Clark look like an asshat, since nobody but he and his parents know why he ended the friendship...

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