ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

I was cruising the spoiler discussion...

in fleegull's journal, and a poster named vval came up with a very good theory. I was sort of already mulling this around in my head after reading this really good fic by nifra_idril (and it's spoilery so no you can't read it if you're spoiler free) so I am *more* than open to entertaining this idea....

OK, so the spoilers for the third ep have Lex supervising some krypto-fused plastic surgery. Which had some people thinking this could be some evil doings on Lex's part, but had me scratching my head. I mean, Lex knows about *cloning* for Christ's sake....why is he messing around with some glorified Nip/Tuck bullshit?

Then vval brought up a theory that was being bandied about on some Chlex boards. Perhaps Lex is interested in this procedure to help Chloe? Perhaps she's been seriously injured in the explosion (if she was really in it) with burns, scars, etc and he's investigating ways to use this procedure to help heal her?

That, I could get behind. It's obviously some kind of skin procedure, because the Krypto-mutant's nickname is Scabby Abby, but she's described as being fat. But...fat people aren't necessarily scabby. So, I'm guessing some bad acne is involved here, or something that would involve regenerating the skin. Which is something someone with burns would definitely need.

I can get behind the idea because it doesn't make Lex some evil mad scientist. He's still the same old Lex--doing whatever needs to be done to protect the people he cares about, and if that means he has to use this Abby girl as a lab rat to save Chloe...well, so be it. I think Lex definitely cares about Chloe--she really put her ass on the line for him, and he feels guilty that he couldn't live up to his promise to protect her. So he's gonna do whatever he can to protect her now.

And, you know...exposing Chloe to experimental krypto treatments? Is gonna drive Clark *completely* bat-shit. Oh, I can see that rifting issue right now--Clark thinks Lex is playing God, etc, etc.

Plus, thinking Chloe is siding with Lex over him, or keeping things from him about Lex and her continued involvement with him? Also making Clark one with the fury.

So yeah. I can get behind that idea a whole heck of a lot. But, I am biased in that I want Chloe and Lex to team up and create all kinds of headaches for Clark. :D

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