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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
No offense to Val Kilmer, George Clooney, or Christian Bale....but Michael Keaton will always be the perfect Batman to me.

He's dryly funny, dark yet accessible, and sexy as hell as Bruce Wayne.

Either that, or I just have a thing for guys named Michael, right drkcherry? ;)

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Amen, girl. Michael Keaton is the bat. *g*

Shannen, this "I am no longer interested in MR" thing is, somehow, not ringing true to me. LOL!

I agree, Keaton was best. I hate Christian Bale *ducks for fannish cover*. I think he's icky and creepy and too English.

Shannen, this "I am no longer interested in MR" thing is, somehow, not ringing true to me. LOL!

Hehe--well, to be honest, I liked Michael Keaton all the way back to his Mr. Mom days, so he *definitely* came before Rosenbaum! LOL! So maybe Rosenbaum is just a substitute for Keaton! ;-)

oh thank God I'm not alone in that opinion.

He was simply the best, to quote Tina Turner.

Not that I wanted to quote Tina Turner, it just sorta happenned....

After seeing Bale's performance in Equilibrium, I think he's the best choice for the part. I like Keaton, so I don't know. I just know that actingwise, it won't be a waste of money for me.

I totally agree that Michael Keaton is the One True Batman.

Michael Keaton fan checking in although I do like Christian Bale and I think he will do a fine job. Speaking of Kilmer, I liked him at the time. You know before he became batshit crazy.

You know before he became batshit crazy.

You mean, before he started that whole, "Dear Extras: Don't look directly into my eyes" bullshit? LOL! Who does he think he is, David Copperfield?

Agree. People look at me like I'm crazy, but I liked Keaton the best.

BTW, if you like his work in general, he has an interesting part in Much Ado About Nothing with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.

Michael Keaton IS Batman.. there is no question about it. Unfortunatelly he is much older than what is needed for the new movie. And if I have to choose between the other options.. is Christian Bale hands down.


Honey....Val Kilmer....if you watch the movie on mute and just look at his hotness....all batshit crazyness aside...guh!!!



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