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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I have an admission to make....

I'm using Oil of Olay skincare products.

And my skin has never looked better. Not even when I was faithfully a slave to Clinique's 3 step system.

I mean, I still get the occasional breakout--I am a woman after all, and once a month I'm a slave to hormones just like everyone else. (Points to the candy jar with Mint Hershey's Kisses) See...chocolate, hormones, and breakouts. It happens.

But my overall skin tone looks better, and my skin is soft and it just looks a bit more glowy. I noticed it today when I was out and about trying (and not succeeding) in doing my Christmas shopping. Even after a few frustrating hours of shopping (have I mentioned I hate to shop?), my skin still looked good, and my Clinique Superfit makeup was still smooth and nice looking, rather than flaking off and looking blotchy.

I hesitated to take the step--I mean, using Oil of Olay is such a *mom* thing, it's almost like saying, "Yes, I am old." But I have to admit, it's working. I'm using the Oil of Olay Daily Facials cloths, Oil of Olay Refreshing Toner, and Oil of Olay Complete UV Defense moisturizer.

So yeah. I'm old. I use Oil of Olay stuff. But I don't have any wrinkles at all, not even around my eyes. :D

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I've been using Oil of Olay moisturizer since I was 25. Nothing hass ever made my skin nicer. It's truth, no breakouts, no greasy feeling. I don't have wrinkles either, but as I'm only 29 I hope to hold off on those for a few years!

Yay for good skincare products!

Ha! I'm so old I still call it Oil Of Ulan *g*.

Oooh, honey I'm 18 and I would like to ask what products you would suggest I use? I get minot breakouts like 2 zits in one area and i think my skin looks to dull anything you'd suggest? LOL sorry, I know you're not an OoO specialist but just curious lol

I used Cetaphil and Oil of Olay throughout my teens and twenties, and now I'm 30 and people assume I'm 25. It almost makes up for being 30. *g* Yes, Oil of Olay is great. Right now that Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser is working wonders, too.

I'm old.

Nah, your making a good decision... Hey, if it makes you feel better, I'm using Oil of Olay too (and I'm only 21).

It's actually really good stuff. It's been recommended to me for years, by my grandmother who's used it since she was young and has great skin. I actually gave in and tried it, and it's working better than Estee Lauder, Ponds or Clearasil (sp?), or any of the other brands that I've tried.

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