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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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SV Spoilery Stuff....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Based on the new spoilers at K-Site

...about the whole Lex/Chloe/how did she survive the explosion/what did her message to Clark mean:

I don't think the house exploding was set-up by Lex, even thought that might be the first idea that comes to mind when finding out Lex is protecting Chloe. At least not in the sense that he said, "Let's blow up this house and make it look like you're dead." I do think the house exploding was a legit attempt by Lionel to kill off Chloe, and Lex found out about it ahead of time. He arranged to have Chloe and her dad taken to safety at another house (which is the house we saw her walking in to) and Lex let the house (the one Lionel *thought* Chloe was at) blow up anyway so Lionel would think his plan succeeded (and it was just all edited in a way to make us think the house blowing up was the same one everyone thought Chloe was at.) That's probably the only way to explain it, because I sure hope they don't try to make us buy the idea that anyone survived the house explosion or had time to get out of there if the house Chloe was in really did blow up the second after she closed the door.

Anyway, I think Chloe's message to Clark didn't so much mean, "Find out who ordered the hit on me" because everyone knows it was Lionel. I think her message really meant more of a "Prove it was Lionel who ordered it, and find out which of his minions did the dirty work." Because until they can find out who was carrying out Lionel's orders from jail, Chloe can't really come out of hiding. She'd still be a definite target for the hitman to try kill again.

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Well, it's obvious it's Lionel who did it, since he's telling his henchmen to make it work this time. But it's still BS that they tried to pull since they *clearly* showed flames whipping around Chloe's head. Sure, when they showed an aerial view, the house was totally different from the one her and her father walked into. But they still showed the flames from the window around her blonde hair and that's just really shitty audience manipulation in my opinon.

Unless that wasn't Chloe we saw through the door--some people have commented they thought the hair was longer than Chloe's.

Of course, *that* could be a step on the path to badness for Lex that I *could* live with. Remember, Lex said he'd do anything to protect his friends....could that include sending an innocent Chloe look-a-like to her death? Maybe. And I could see Clark getting pissy about that if it's revealed--he wouldn't think sacrificing a person to save Chloe would be a good thing.

So, maybe it'll turn out to be something like that. But they can't say Chloe was actually in the house that blew up, because come on. We can't all collectively suspend our disbelief to the point of thinking that someone would survive a house being blown up to splinters. I mean, it wasn't even like one end of the house blew up, and maybe they were in the other end. The whole house was flattened.

It was shitty audience manipulation, but I think it was a mistake in post-production. See, the way it works is that they send off the filmed and edited episode to their special effects people and communicate with them via vid phone conferencing, what it is, exactly, that they want. Al and Miles have both said that since they often get the tape to the spec. effects people on Monday before an ep is due to air Wednesday, that they usually don't see the final effect themselves until the ep actually airs on Wednesday night.

I think this is just one of those cases when the main effects were being done with sucking Clark and Kara into the wall, the actual explosion of a house had been filmed in Vancouver, and then someone on the special effects team touched it up and added that little flourish of the fireball coming through the door...when we could still see Chloe inside. I don't think that's what AlMiles asked for at all, because I'm sure they would've much preferred the you see Chloe walk into a house, you cut away to a pulled back shot and you see the house exploding--only...it's not the same house! They would think that's very clever and it *would* be SV-clever (which is sometimes like SV-science, you musn't think about it too hard or your nose will bleed), but it was botched by special effects afterwards.

I'd bet that AlMiles had an 'oh shit' moment when they saw that final version, but it was just too late to do anything about it. It's really not going to appease fans who are saying no, she MUST be dead because we saw the fireball (cause I've seen that attitude on the boards and around LJ), but then again, these are the things that you either swallow and move on from, or that make you leave the show behind. And would that some of the bitter bitches would leave, but...*sigh*

Anyway, on to S4! And I agree with what Shannen's saying here, btw. Lionel did blow up the house, but Lex outfoxed him and made sure Chloe wasn't really there. Also? Not a mystery who did it, I think we all agree. But Clark needs to find out *literally* who did the hit, so that the minions can be stopped and Chloe can come back home. Cause yeeps, another hit being ordered in the second episode? Lionel doesn't just want to visit hell when he dies. Clearly, he has his eye on taking over there, as well.

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