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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Something to pass the boredom....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Michael was at Universal Studios for the opening of the new Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride attraction:

From the article:

Besides Fraser and Vosloo there were plenty of other celebrities on hand to celebrate this event including Jon Favreau, Michael Rosenbaum amongst others. How did some of the biggest names in Hollywood like the ride? Lets just say that there some celebrity guests that were screaming like little children with a scraped knee and as Michael Rosenbaum told the IESB during the after party "it was awesome".

I continue to be amused by the infamous Neil Diamond T-shirt ;-)

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Lovely pictures! He looks so tan and scruffy -- I love it!

Oh! Beautiful. Look at him with the hair and the tan and the go-en and the NEIL DIAMOND! *giggles*

Okay, this made the afternoon so much sweeter. Thanks, Shannen!

I thought we told him he couldn't wear the Neil Diamond thing? Or was it that he could wear the Neil Diamond shirt as long as that godawful jacket stayed dead? Is this the peace accord over the jacket shirt? We made a mistake, there, letting him keep that. Because look what he's wearing with the thing.

Dear lord, THOSE PANTS - OK, the actual pants aren't that bad, but their color - on my monitor it looks like that weird brownish/gray color my Dad used to insist was khaki. Ew. I swear, he has got to be color blind *G* and the sooner Aunt Lavinia sorts out his closet, the better *EG*.

I thought we told him he couldn't wear the Neil Diamond thing? Or was it that he could wear the Neil Diamond shirt as long as that godawful jacket stayed dead? Is this the peace accord over the jacket shirt?

Hehe--no, it was if he wore a Neil Diamond T-shirt, I would accept the grey jacket that I hated and never say another bad word about it. :)

I don't know if it's the same T-shirt though--unless he's washed it so much that the collar has turned from black to brown! LOL!

But still, it amuses me.

EEEEEP! That means, if the collar colors are different that he got loose and bought another one.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have to love him, just for his fashion sense *G*.

Thanks so much! He looks great. His hair grew so fast!

I had my head shaved for a while in my teens and it grows like blazes.

I'm often amazed at how fast guys can grow their hair. and sometimes jelous because sometimes, just sometimes I'd like my hair longer than it is.

and don't you think both neil diamond and michael have amazing chest hair.

now, that was a joke..

but he does look like a hottie that rosenbaum now doesn't he!

Okay, I want to know who the black dude because this isn't the first time we've seen him around MR. Plus, it looks as though they dress alike.

Hey, I think that's Chris. The infamous Chris who is now his writing partner. Chris was at Creation Con and had to come out and autograph something at the request of one of the fans in line. *g* Chris? Is possibly the black MR, because they were dressed similarly then and he had a cellphone attached to his ear. Michael gave him a shout out on stage.

You're right. According to Wireimage, his name is Christopher MacDonald

Dude, I'm right? Woo! The little guy in glasses looks familiar, too, but I don't know if he was there or not. When we did the photo op there was a little Michael entourage that I only noticed because he stopped them from chattering and pointed out Erika's Clex shirt to explain to them what Clex is and possibly to point at Erika's impressive girls. *g*

::looks at picture::

::reads all the commentary::


GUH!!! Scruffy....yum!


Oh, wow! Seriously, lookin' goooood. I'm always surprised TPTB let him out in the sun during the hiatus. Don't they have to get the spray-gun out to get him back to his Lexian pallor? Last year was okay, what with Island!Lex, but he's not going to develop much of a tan rolling around on the rug in the library.

Ah the summer would sure be dull without Michael's wardrobe. Thanks for these!

Okay, just, how can you not LOVE him? Thank you.

so he's *not* in rehab. I was going to try to start that rumor. Dman him for showing up and looking hot!

There it is again, the infamous shirt of Neil! I've almost missed it. Thanks for the piccies, yummy hotness as always. You know it's a little detail not everyone notices but I absolutely love: HIS HANDS. For a man he has really beautiful, sexy hands. I know it sounds strange and fetish-y but come on, look at those gorgeous man-hands!

Trust me, you are not alone in this fetish... *g*

I'm with you there. I have previously noted noted those beautiful man-hands. Good to know I'm not alone *g*

Following the link from TWoP...

Squee! Thanks for posting these. Damn, the man is photogenic. X)

Wheee, thanks for sharing this, Shannen. He look good, and it's an interesting t-shirt too.

Awww, he's looking so, so good!

In fact, I would definitely say that Michael is looking very relaxed and very happy. This is a good thing and really made me as equally happy to see.

You always bring the best when it comes to Mike, honey. Thank you!


He's wearing a Neil Diamond t-shirt.

That's it, we're meant for each other....

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