ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

I have to say....

I can much more easily see Jessica Simpson playing Daisy Duke than I can Britney Spears. Jessica kind of still has that fresh faced innocent-yet-sexy look, while frankly, Britney is starting to look a little "ridden hard and put away wet" to me.

On another topic, since it's a holiday weekend, I'm betting LJ will be pretty quiet, so maybe I won't miss much if I don't hang out much over the weekend. I'm just really getting wrapped up in my Buffy Season 6 DVDs.

I'll admit--I never sit and watch a season all the way through on DVD--not Smallville, not Buffy, not even The Simpsons. I have the DVD sets so that if the mood to watch a certain episode strikes me, it's at my fingertips. But I started watching Buffy Season 6 all the way through, and I'm remembering that I *did* like it. I wasn't one of those who hated the depressiveness of it all. In fact, seasons 5 and 6 were when I started connecting with the Buffy character--up until then, it had always been Willow. But I think season 6 was when I totally became a Buffy girl. Maybe season 5...I do remember that season 5 was definitely when I wasn't connecting with Willow anymore.

Except for the Spike crap. I still can't stand Spike. Well, at this point in season 6, I can still deal with him, but once he and Buffy started hooking up, I was wishing someone would stake him.

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