ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Here is where being single really sucks...

When you have a shit-tacular day like today (and the afternoon meeting wasn't any better--pretty much a mirror image of the first one), you want to just come home and have someone who loves ya put his (or her, it's all equal opportunity no matter which team you play on) arms around you and say stuff like, "They don't appreciate you" or "If you want to quit, I'll support your decision" or hell...just get angry and indignant on your behalf. And then spend the rest of the night indulging you because you had a shitty day--going out to get take-out so you don't have to cook, watching the TV shows you want to watch, etc.

But, when you're single, you come home empty house, and nobody giving a shit if you had a terrible day or not.

So yeah--days like today, it sucks especially hard being single.

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