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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Wheeee! I knew it!
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Someone at the MRMB posted a little Michael quote they found in a kids magazine, in an article where they were asking stars various questions. They asked Michael about his guilty TV pleasure and he replied:

"I have to admit I like Survivor and other reality shows. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I like watching people act really stupid."

Yea! As a self admitted reality show junkie, I'm nodding my approval. So the perfect Thursday night would me and Michael, curled up on a couch watching Survivor, with me venting about how much I still hate Rupert. LOL!

Now I'm wondering what the "other reality shows" he's watching are. Come on, Michael...it's OK to admit you watch The Apprentice! LOL!

Speaking of reality shows..."The Restaurant" is coming back in the summer, right? Because Mondays are boring without watching Rocco act like a three year old.

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Dude, yeah! I was totally confused when I came home and there was no Pissy!Rocco waiting on my TiVO... I hope it comes back!

I thought I heard it was coming back in the summer, and they were gonna start it over from the beginning.

Hopefully, anyway. I must know what will become of Original Style!Tony. I could care less what happens to Italian Style! Tony though.

Oh, but did you see the last episode that they aired? The way that waitress got fired because that other waiter lied and said she was doing shots at the bar? My jaw about hit the floor. That was totally not cool.

(Deleted comment)
They fired her because they said she was not catching on

Which was also kind of crap, IMHO. As much as they don't want to admit it, from what I understand, Rocco's is a total tourist trap--unless they're entertaining out of town guests, most people who live in NYC wouldn't eat there (or so I've read.) So that requires a kind of server who is fun and making sure their patrons are having a good time. Which seemed to be the case, as they showed that big montage of her tables laughing, having fun, etc. Of course, they probably don't want that, since in doing that, they'd have to admit they are a tourist trap! LOL!

That said, I do think all the new people on there are big fame whores. Case in point, that hostess girl who had the breakdown. You know she's doing that and thinking, "I can save this for my casting reel!"

(Deleted comment)
Heheh--wait, was that the one on Fox girl who had to pick out which guys were straight and try to keep them? I think that show went off before anyone even got to watch it! :D

Personally, I hope Michael watches The Amazing Race. It is the smartest reality show on TV, ya know! :D Plus, it gives you the chance to announce, "You've been Phil-iminated!" on a weekly basis (unless it's a non-elimination leg.)

Survivor, he has good taste.

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