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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I may never leave the house again....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
My cable company added a bunch of new channels today. All of them were On Demand channels. These channels basically store programming aired on the channels and lets you watch them whenever you want. For example, I could sit here and watch right now the entire last season of The Sopranos from beginning to end, watch Harry Potter 10 times in a row if I wanted to without walking upstairs to get the DVD. All with just a push of a button on the remote. We have them for all the premium channels (except the Starz/Encore ones) so I'm no longer a slave to scheduling.

Instead, I'm just gonna become a slave to On Demand, because today they added a whole slew of new channels, such as Food Network on Demand, HGTV on Demand, Comedy Central on Demand, Cartoon Network On Demand and some I-Music On Demand which lets you watch concerts or videos or listen to music--I dunno, I haven't tried it yet. They added some others too, but I don't care about Golf Channel on Demand or CNN On Demand, or BBC on Demand. Those are the only ones I can remember, but I know there is more.

So now I can watch South Park and Justice League and Unwrapped and Designing for the Sexes whenever I want. Whee!

Heaven help me if they ever add TLC On Demand. I may have to enter a 12 step On Demand Addiction program if they make it so I can watch Trading Spaces whenever I want.

And if someone ever creates a Rosenbaum On Demand channel...well, ya'll will just never hear from me again.

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And if someone ever creates a Rosenbaum On Demand channel...

*Falls over, twitching*

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