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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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The most pointless argument ever....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Kelly and I are already bickering (as sisters will do) about two apartments in Scottsdale.

Keep in mind that *if* we move (I say if, Kelly says when) it is at least three years away.

I like this one (the Palermo floor plan--the one with three baths).I think it fits what we'd need: each of us would have our own bathroom, the bedrooms are on opposite ends of the place which gives us each some privacy...sure, I wish the upstairs bedroom was bigger (cause my bedroom now is bigger--it's 12'2 x 15'6 and that one is only 11.5 x 12), but maybe I could con Kelly to give me the large master bedroom downstairs, since I would be giving up a job and everything to move out there with her.

Kelly likes this one (The Redwood), but I think the bedrooms look smaller, and if she thinks I'm gonna be in the tiny bedroom, think again!

Let me repeat once again that this is the most pointless argument in the world.

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Wtf is wrong with Kelly, wanting to pay more for less bedroom space? See, for me, I'm going to want a good sized bedroom when I start shopping for an apartment, because that's where I'll spend most of my time. I've just gotten into the habit after four years of dorm living then almost ten years of living with roommates who don't share most of my interests.

I'd bicker for the bedroom space. It's always a pain to have to downsize and breeds resentment, especially if you're picking up and moving that far away!

My main thing is actually the kitchen--I can't deal with a tiny kitchen. And Kelly's thing is the bathrooms--she hates tiny bathrooms. So somewhere, bedrooms kind of get lost in the shuffle! LOL!

When we were apartment hunting here, our only bedroom consideration was that our bedrooms be on opposite ends of the apartment. We've been pretty lucky that we've gotten fair size bedrooms (in this townhouse, mine is extra large because it's the finished basement) that weren't right next to each other.

So, it's kind of just a matter of figuring out what it is we want and what price that seems to run.

So, these are apartments Kelly, or you and Kelly, would buy, or have built to order for you? It does seem a *little* premature at this stage! Still, it's always nice looking at houses...

No no....they're just places to rent month to month.

We're just looking to try and get an idea of what type of apartments are available--for example, we're partial to townhouses, but maybe those aren't as popular elsewhere as they are here--and what the average cost for what we need is.

I am fairly surprised--I thought the prices in Scottsdale (which is a affluent) area would be a lot higher, but they're only about $500 a month more than what we're paying for a two bedroom now.

Don't know if it matters, but whilst we are all sharing our pointless observations. I like the one with 2-car garage. Parking is sometimes a nightmare with HOAs that don't let you park on the streets or just "covered parking" in some of the complexes so getting the garage is a good deal.


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