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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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50 million bucks is a pretty big lie....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
OK, first off, head over to mei_x's place for my thoughts on tonights most excellent Firefly featuring shirtless and in pain but still kicking ass Captain Tightpants.

Anyway, you all know by know (if you've been paying attention) that I am a huge reality show whore. And leave it to Fox to cram my January full of reality show goodness...although I am pissed that they put American Idol on Tuesdays, meaning I have to tape Buffy. I can't miss AI..it's a tradition in my household.

Anyway, Fox has earned a little of my favor back for coming up with what has to be has to be a show custom designed for TWoP...Joe Millionare.

It's the bastard son of "The Bachelor" and "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire". The basic premise is, 20 women are whisked away to the countryside in France, hoping to win the heart of "Joe", a guy who has supposedly just inherited 50 million dollars and is looking to settle down.

And Fox sure plays it up--they all stay in an expensive looking castle, "Joe" is always dressed to the nines, he showers them with expensive gifts and expensive dates, like dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower and just really goes all out with the fairy tale wooing.

The twist? The guy isn't anything *close* to a millionaire. He's a "Joe" all right...he's a construction worker who makes less than $20,000 bucks a year. And once he whittles the 20 women down to one, he has to reveal his secret and see if she still "loves" him (note the quotes, as ya'll know my feelings about the women on these shows and their casual use of the "L" word.) The tag line is, "Can true love survive a $50 million dollar lie?" Somehow, I think on the show, yes. Once the cameras cut off though, I bet Joe's gonna be sleeping alone on the construction site.

Apparently, Fox did a hell of a good job protecting the secret. Less than 6 people in the entire giant cog that is the Fox network even knew the show was in production, and even the crew on the show didn't know the entire premise of the show. That's pretty tight lipped. Hell, even from the commercials before tonight, I thought it was just another "Marry a Millionaire" show extended over a few weeks.

Hee-hee! I can't wait. It sounds so twisted and messed up that I have to watch. So you know where I'll be come January 6th!

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I HATE reality shows. I hate this Joe dude the most because it stole the monday night slot that could have been Firefly salvation.
The premise of that show seems interesting, but all I'd do would be watch the last episode and see if the chick stays with the guy.

I'd stay with the guy because, well, he doesn't have millions... yet. Fame, fame, fame: you just gotta know how to exploit it.

Actually, the rumor for a while now has been that Firefly will be moving to Thursdays, not Mondays. Even though there isn't really anything on during Monday nights, in Fox's mind, Firefly skews more to the men demographically, and right now, men on Monday are either watching Monday Night Foodball, or wrestling on WWE (or thatever they changed their name to) on Mondays.

Personally, I'd like to see Firefly move to the WB and pair up with Smallville, but that'll never happen because Firefly's FX look a little out of the WB's price range, and I doubt Joss would be all eager to jump back into bed on a new project with the WB.

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